Friday, June 21, 2019

8 Secret Tips to Pick the Best RV Parks When Going Camping

RV travel is definitely not for people who love to spontaneously drive to their locations
without any research. 

This is all thanks to the size of the vehicles they drive. Many roads have weight and height restrictions which makes reaching certain locations very tricky on an RV.

Popular RV parks also get full especially during the holiday season, which may force you to look for parking spots in less desirable locations. There are also plenty of parks that have restrictions and won’t allow 40-foot RVs. Others might have poor service record or offer 30-amp hookups when you actually need 50-amp.

For all these reasons and more, it’s always advisable to do thorough research before selecting an RV park for your next vacation.

Search on Google Maps

Google Maps really is the best way to find great RV parks. Even though the platform is not
built specifically to find RV parks, it’s actually better than any platform out there.

As you probably know already, Google Maps gives you an aerial view of the park. This means you can check the width of the approach roads that connect it to the highway. You can also find nearby attractions and interest points. For example, if you are going on Oregon RV camping you can find camps located in the Willamette Valley.

Nature lovers can take advantage of the satellite images to spot nearby lakes and forested areas. People interested in
modern conveniences can check out the park’s proximity to towns and cities.

Another great advantage of Google Maps is that it gives you the ratings and customer reviews of any park you click on the map. The Google listings also have phone numbers of the parks and links to the official websites.

Find YouTube Videos of the Park

YouTube is a great resource to find traveler videos of the RV parks you are interested in. Use the YouTube filter to find newer videos to get the latest picture of how the park is doing. The YouTube comments section also allow you to interact with the uploader and other travelers who have visited the park previously.

Choose State Parks to Save Money

There are advantages and disadvantages of picking an RV park located in a State Park. The
obvious perk is that they usually have lower rates. They also offer a quieter atmosphere and a more authentic experience for people interested in hiking and camping activities.
The negatives of staying in a state park are that there are fewer dining options nearby and
most of these parks do not offer Wi-Fi.

Call Up and Enquire About Hookups

Most good parks offer electricity, water, and drainage hookups. However, it’s important that you call up to confirm. Some parks offer 30amp hookups which can be a problem if your RV needs 50amp power.

Grocery Stores and Restaurants Near the Park

If you plan on staying for more than a week, then it makes sense to find a park located near
restaurants and grocery stores. Proximity to grocery stores and diners will make your life a lot easier.

Use Google Maps to check out the nearby restaurants and stores

Keep in mind that some parks have parking limitations and they don’t allow stays for long durations. Be sure to call first if you plan on staying there for months.

Checkout the RV Park Map on the Official Website

Apart from checking the Google Maps, it important to check the map of the RV park on the official website. Some parks have numbered parking spaces and you can call them up to book specific spots.

For example, a lot of these parks have swimming pools and lakes and it makes
sense to get a spot near them.

Find Out If They Have a Laundry Facility

Laundry facilities can be a great advantage if you plan on staying for long durations. A lot of
RV parks have self-operated washer and dryer rooms and they usually don’t charge extra for
the service. Some RVs do have a washer and dryer, but they usually have limited capacity.

Therefore, if you are on the road for months and have a bunch of dirty clothes to wash, it’s
always a good idea to check if the park you are heading to offers laundry service.

Verify by Calling the Park

The last and probably the most important tip is to call up the park and verify all the facilities
and features mentioned on the official website. Sometimes some services can be temporarily
suspended due to weather or other issues and it’s always best to know ahead.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Leasing Equipment for Fun in the Sun

Vehicles like jet skis and parasails can be expensive to buy outright.  It can take thousands of dollars to buy one of them.  You may not see the benefits of putting out that kind of money if you do not plan on using them on a regular basis.

Still, once in awhile you might want to head out for a day of fun on the water.  You do not have to run out and buy a new jet ski or vehicle for parasailing.  You can go online today to learn more about "lake chelan rentals" , parasailing, and other types of water fun today.

Variety of Water Vehicles for Lease

When you visit the website, you might wonder what types of vehicles are available for you to lease.  The most obvious choice would be boats.  The boats come in a variety of makes and models so you can choose one that will accommodate you and anyone you plan take out on the water with you.

You can also rent jet skis, which are ideal if you want to go as fast as you can while riding over waves in the ocean.  The jet skis can seat one or two people.  You can find a style that best suits your needs and skill level at riding these vehicles.

Parasailing is another adventure you might partake in when heading out onto the water.  This activity requires you to rent a vehicle behind which to pull the person who is hooked up to the parasail.  It also requires you to be an experienced driver so the person parasailing does not get hurt.

You can find out what it takes to lease these vehicles and more on the website.  The website also shows you what vehicles are available for any given day that you choose to enjoy a day of fun on the water.

Riding the water is a fun way to spend the day.  You have a variety of vehicles from which to choose.  You can find the one that best falls in line with what you need for the day when you visit the website of the company.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Women Should Always Stay Cool

If you are a woman who lives in a hot area and works outdoors or does a lot of gardening, it is important that you do all you can to stay cool. The sun is getting hotter by the year, and, sadly, many women end up in the hospital or even die every year due to being exposed to the hot atmosphere. The good news is that there are many things women can do to keep cool while in the heat.

Make Cold Fluids Your Best Friend

The first thing women can do is make cold fluids their best friend. When drinking cold fluids, it may seem like they are not affecting the body in a positive way. However, cold fluids lower the temperature of the body, which makes being in the heat more tolerable. The best cold liquid, by far, water. This is mainly because of how healthy it is and because of how quickly the human body can feel its effects.

Look For Gear To Wear

Though wearing extra gear in the hot weather may seem idiotic, there is certain gear that is made to keep people cool. This could be something like a large hat or even an umbrella, which will block a woman's face from the hot sun. There are also companies that sell specialized gear for women who are in the heat regularly. An example of this type of company is ClimaTech, which is known for their famous cooling vest for women. This vest comes with items that are put in the freezer overnight, and they are then put into the vest in the morning. This vest is equivalent to a women sitting near an air conditioner, and this product has helped many women work their best while in the hot sun.

Being in hot conditions is not fun at all, especially for women. It is important that women do all they can to stay cool at all times.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

What Attracts Tourists To An Area?

If you are part of a community planning group and you want to increase tourist revenue to your area, then there a few criteria that you will have to fill. Investing in tourism can not only bring in more visitors, but it can also attract more businesses to your area. You just need to make sure that you have the kinds of things tourists are looking for when they head out on vacation.


People love to visit historical attractions, and you can use the history in your town to bring in more tourists. It is important to do a thorough examination of the interesting pieces of history hiding your area to build up as much interest in your town as possible. You can generate interest by making videos about your historical sites and posting them on social media. You should also do what you can to put up signs and make your attractions easy to find.

Something Different

People make jokes about the country's biggest ball of twine, but it brings in visitors from all over the world. Talk to the creative people in your town and see what you can come up with as something different to help bring in tourists. It might be an annual competition of some kind, or a record-breaking achievement.

Attention To Detail

If you want to attract annual tourists and keep them coming in, then you will need to keep your town clean and safe. Even the most interesting attractions can become abandoned if your town cannot keep tourists safe and the streets clean. Most towns that try to increase tourism forget about the details that create strong word-of-mouth advertising for future tourists. It is important to keep the details in mind when planning a tourist attraction.

Many towns that need extra revenue successfully turn to tourism for help. As long as you have something to offer visitors and keep your town safe and clean, then you should be able to bring in annual tourist revenue that will help fund essential services.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

14 Essential Pet Meds for Dog First Aid Kits for Camping or Hiking

Dogs make great hiking companions. Barring the essentials such as food and water, it’s also highly recommended to carry along a first aid kit that’s geared to cater to canine medical emergencies. There are more than few first aid kits available in pet stores for dogs. However, a lot of them simply do not include all the necessary pet medications you would want with you when on a remote hiking trail. The best approach is to make a list of all the medical supplies and create a custom first aid kit for dogs. In this post, we cover the basic supplies you need to carry along.

Extra Supply of Prescribed Medications: If your dog is on a particular medication be sure to carry extra supplies. If you are looking to stock up then we suggest buying vet-prescribed pet meds online to score a discount.
Self-Adhering Vet Tape: Regular medical tapes hurt the dogs because they pull off hair when they are removed. Vet tapes don’t do that and are thus recommended for dogs and cats.
Gauze: Sterile gauze is a first aid essential for both humans and dogs. Carry a big pack because gauzes often need to be replaced when treating a particular wound.
Butterfly Bandages: This again is a first aid kit necessity. Butterfly bandages help close a wound, especially deep cuts. Carry a small pack and include it in the first aid kit for your dog.
Styptic Powder and Pencil: Styptic powder is great for stopping bleedings. We suggest carrying both powder and a styptic pencil. The pencil is perfect for treating small wounds and nicks, while the powder can be sprinkled on large cuts to quickly stop bleeding.

Tweezers: From pulling out splinters to removing ticks, tweezers are important to tools to carry along. Trust us, you would know when you need one.
Antiseptic Liquid: Carry a small bottle of antiseptic liquid to wash a wounded or infected area.
Benadryl: Dogs can get allergies when out in the wild. From sniffing in airborne allergens to a bee sting, Benadryl can help relieve the symptoms of an allergy.
Paw Balm: Hiking puts a lot of stress on those delicate paws. Apart from making them wear special hiking bootsies, paw balms for dogs add a layer of protection. It keeps your pet’s paws protected from cold weather and hiking-induced abrasion.
Emergency Blanket: If you are planning to camp with your dog in a region that’s known to get cold in nights, emergency blankets can be potential life savers. These blankets can be wrapped around a dog’s body to keep it nice and warm during excessively chilly nights.
Eye and Ear Drop: Eye and ear drops which are essentially saline solutions are great for rinsing off foreign particles. Dogs have a habit of sniffing and investigating weird stuff when they are outdoors. This exposes them to irritants in the nature that can attack their eyes and ears.
Muzzle: Sometimes dressing or treating a wound can be painful. You cannot really blame the dog for trying to instinctively snap at you when all you are trying to do is help it. Carrying a muzzle allows you to treat your dog without the risk of bites.
Painkiller and Anti-Inflammatory: One of the most common pet meds required during hiking is good old fashion Aspirin. Remember, pet medications are specifically made to be safe for dogs. Human painkillers may lead to dangerous side effects when given to dogs. Some over-the-counter drugs can be safely given to dogs such as naproxen, acetaminophen, and others. However, speak to a vet to find out the right dosage.

Antibiotics: Antibiotics are the last resort to treat an infection that can potentially be life threatening. Learn more about the types of antibiotics and their accurate dosage for dogs. Here’re the basics. Metronidazole is a type of antibiotics that are perfect for treating serious stomach infections. Amoxicillin can be given to dogs to treat wounds and respiratory infection.  Be sure to speak to a vet to know more about antibiotics.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Angelina Takes All Six Kids To Cambodia To Promote New Film

Angelina Jolie is in Cambodia right now with all six of her children to promote her new film “First They Killed My Father”. The movie is about life in Cambodia under Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge, as seen through the eyes of a child. The trip is a full circle of sorts for Angelina, who first traveled to Cambodia in 2002 to film the Tomb Raider movie. That is where she adopted oldest son Maddox from an orphanage, and now, the beautiful actress has returned to the country. This time, she brought along all six of her children,Maddox, 15, Pax, 13, Zahara, 12, Shiloh, 10 and eight-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne.

Angelina has always used her fame for good works, embracing her role as a humanitarian and ambassador for such charities as UNICEF, traveling the globe and visiting impoverished areas, calling attention to many issues that would otherwise go under the radar. Angie has often brought one or more of her six children with her on these trips,and has really given them all a sense of the world around them, and what really goes on outside of the glow of Hollywood lights.

In an interview with BBC News during the trip, she revealed of her children: 'Everything I do I hope ... I represent the right things to my children and give them the right sense of what they’re capable of and the world as it should be seen. Not through the prism of Hollywood or through a certain kind of life but really take them into the world where they have a really good sense and become rounded people.' We love that Angie is such a hands on mom and that she takes great pride in teaching her children about the world around them! 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Our Scrumptious Lunch At Aresi Restaurant Subic

Our idea to have lunch at Aresi happened as a result of curiosity.  We've been hearing good things about their selection of dishes from the reviews of other guests and although most of those who came and dine at Aresi has been mentioning that foods there are quite expensive, we were still keen to try their foods.  After all, we are not simply trying their foods, we are also celebrating Mika's birthday. So we called it a date!  We left house an hour before lunch time and we arrived at Aresi just on time. The place is not so crowded yet and we were able to choose the best spot in the restaurant.  Aresi Restaurant is actually located inside the Court Meridian Hotel which is at the Waterfront Road, Subic Bay Freeport Zone.

in front of the building

The restaurant itself is not so big but it looks decent and elegant.  Everything is simple but cozy.  As to the foods, I would say that they serve one of the best foods in SBFZ.  Some restaurants would claim that they serve Italian dishes but you cannot actually feel the distinct Italian taste of the foods. This was not the case with Aresi.  We ordered the 5 cheese pizza, one dish is Chicken with Tomato Pasta.  I forgot the name of the dish but it tastes heavenly.  The last dish that we've ordered is pork chop that comes with pasta, as well.

As regards to the service, it's not really good but never bad, as well.  Overall, I love this Italian Restaurant although I admit that their price range is on the expensive side.  If I could remember it right, the lowest price per dish is about Php300.00.  

If you happen to visit Subic, having a lunch or dinner at Aresi is still worth a try.

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