Saturday, September 29, 2012

Notre Dame Cathedral : Hoh Chi Minh City Vietnam

Notre Dame Cathedral of Saigon is really special to me.  This is the first catholic church that I have visited outside of the Philippines.  It's French colonial architecture had really caught my attention.  It's a very big church and had a nice and well designed interiors.  Notre Dame cathedral is located just opposite the Central Post Office which is another "must see" in Saigon.    

The church though is not always open daily.  You have to check on the schedule if you really want to go and visit the church to attend mass or offer some prayers.  I heard mass is scheduled every 9Am on Sundays. Me and the kids were just fortunate enough to get inside the church during our visit as there was a scheduled wedding that day.  I was really happy that I was able to offer some prayers while we were there. 

But don't lose heart.  If in case the church is closed at the day of your visit, just content yourselves on some photo shoots outside the church and avail of some souvenir religious items being sold near the gate of the church.

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