Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Famous Ben Thanh Market : Hoh Chi Minh City

One of the well known destinations at Saigon which is being flocked by tourists is the Ben Thanh Market located at the Central District (District 1).  Here, you can find a lot of souvenir items including T-shirts, bags, caps, home decors, paintings and various kinds of linens.  I wasn't able to take pictures inside the market as it is normally crowded. Photos above were taken outside the market where you can find a lot of food stalls on side streets normally selling soups or what they call "Vietnamese Pho".

Ben Thanh day market usually closes at 6PM and it signals the opening of the night market where food stalls and other stalls selling various items are being put up.

Here, you can find a lot of delectable dishes cooked the "Vietnam style" and if you are much into sea foods, you will never ran out of choices from the fresh sea foods on display.  We've tried their crablets with soft shells cooked with chili, their shells cooked with tamarind sauce and their grilled fish cooked a la "Vietnam style" and all were really delicious and affordable.

My son and daughter were able to ask for a souvenir pic from one of the Vietnamese vendors at the Night Market where they bought several souvenir shirts.  They were very fond of her as she is really cool and ave them huge discounts, too. :)

Whenever you get to visit Hoh Chi Min City in Vietnam, I recommend you to include Ben Thanh Market in your list of places to visit.  It's going to be worth it!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Damsen Theme Park : Hoh Chi Minh City Vietnam

One of the two theme parks we've visited at Hoh Chi Min City is the Damsen Theme Park located at District 10.  It's around 20 mins ride via taxi from the central district of Hoh Chi Min.  Entrance to the theme park is only VND50K but this does not include the rides inside the park.  For each ride, you would normally pay from VND15K to VND30K per person.  Inside the park, you will be entertained by lots of colorful gardens and amazing plant arts.  For someone who adores nature so much like me, this is really refreshing!

My two kids posing with a local.  She is one of the employees working at Damsen Theme Park.

Love this place! Looks like I was in Greece. (lol)

Nature, at it's best! :)

 There was a haunted house and we really had loads of fun screaming inside. (lol)

Me and my daughter Mikz trying to get a good shot with a golden Dragon statue in the background.

 I love those colorful orchids and how these were neatly arranged.  I actually thought of copying this for my house yard. :)

We had a chance to watch an animal circus show! Those cute little animals are truly amazing.  Thay had done a good job and we were so entertained. Edmar and Mikz really enjoyed the show.

We also had the chance to visit Ice Palace.  Inside, you can find great ice sculptures that's really worth seeing even it's very very cold inside.  Even the jackets provided to us are not enough.  Really very cold.  I remembered that we were rushing out as we can no longer stand the very cold temperature.  But in fairness, we had enough time to appreciate all those wonderful ice sculptures inside.

I had more photos to share to prove how good and beautiful Damsen Theme Park is, but there would be a picture overload if I do that. (lol)  One thing is for sure, with the affordable price and it's short distance from the Central District, visiting Damsen Theme Park shouldn't be discounted if you're at Hoh Chi Min City.

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