Monday, January 21, 2013

Visiting Thailand

Have you been to Thailand? Were you one of those tourists who were lured visiting Bangkok, being the shopping capital of the world?  For the past months, I've been posting about interesting places that I've visited in Thailand, particularly in Bangkok.  I featured interesting places like temples, museums and theme park, to name a few.  But more than the place, I would say that Thailand has a lot more to offer in terms of cultural heritage.

As a traveler, I always make it a point to visit museum and other historical places in a country.  A lot of my friends had shown their disagreement to this, as they would normally tell me that they get really bored visiting parks and museums and would rather go for some kind of excitement by going for a night life, shopping, dining and other forms of entertainment.  Well,  I respect their preference as I myself always include shopping as part of my itinerary every time I  visit a place or a country. I guess almost 80 to 90 per cent of travelers wants to shop and bring back souvenir items from the places and countries they have visited and I am not an exemption. :)

But for me, going to another country would mean a lot of opportunities to learn more about it's people and culture. I make it a point that my every travel would be a combination of pleasure, learning and experience.

My last visit to Thailand had enabled me to understand the country and it's people.  I would admit that prior to visiting the place, I have negative impression about the Thai people and the country in general, but not until I am able to explore the place and meet a lot of Thais especially so that I am now working near the Thai boarder.  Thais generally place a great importance and emphasis on all forms of courtesy such as politeness, respect and self control.  The national form of greeting in Thailand is the "wai".  It is done by joining both palms together and raising them against the chest with a slight bow.  This is one of  the things that my kids learned when they were in Thailand. To do the "wai" greeting. :)

Thais have great respect for elders and those who are in authority.  Students have high regards to their teachers and this is common in most Thai schools.  Generally, Thais hate conflicts and a strong desire to please people is a hallmark of Thai's character.  I also noticed that Thai's do not want to pass things over someone's head and I've done it a couple of times and I regret to have done it after I've learned that Thais   considered it as a rude act.  But hey, I am a foreigner and I do not understand their culture yet at that time.  Later on, I learned that this is because, they considered head as the most honored part of their body and it shouldn't be touched, reached over it or point to a person's face.  Since then, I avoid reaching  things over one's head.  Another lesson learned.

If you wish to visit Thailand, I can assure you that though you may still meet some rude people around, generally, you will feel safe dealing with them as they are well mannered and disciplined people. They are always willing to help and assist whenever they can, although I wouldn't deny the fact that there are some who were rude in their dealings with foreign visitors but this only happened to me on very few occasions.  Well, it cannot be avoided as this happens in every country, but I would say that my experience visiting Thailand is far better than what I used to experience roaming the streets of Saigon in Vietnam where majority of the people do not practice good etiquette. Talking very loud inside the bus, raising their feet on another's chair and turning their back when you're asking questions or direction are Vietnamese gestures that really turns me off.  Glad that I didn't experience it with the Thais. 

Thailand's people and rich culture is just an addition to many attractions and interesting places that you will get to see once you visit Thailand, not to mention it's very modern, huge and well designed international airport and very modern transportation infrastructure which is worthy of emulation.  How I wish that the Philippine government could somehow develop our transport system similar to what I've seen in Thailand.  It's really very convenient and cheap to move around Bangkok as all means of transportation are available and within your reach.  

Foods, shopping, a great airport, modern transportation system and infrastructure, rich cultural heritage and generally nice people is something that would keep me coming back to Thailand.

Both my son and daughter had expressed their desire to come back and visit the country as they have fond memories of our last vacation.

So if you're planning an out of the country vacation, perhaps you could consider visiting Thailand.  It's not very costly to spend a week vacation there and I assure you that granting that your vacation is well planned and organized, you will not regret your visit.

"Sawadee Kap!"

Where To Shop At Bangkok

It's well known to many that shopping in Bangkok is an experience every shopper will never dare to miss.  Bangkok has all kinds of places from the towering malls to the bustling street markets, all will surely blow your hard earned money!

Shopping in Bangkok is a day and night time activity as the city also offers a number of night markets, Patpong market being on top of the list.

The following are my recommendations as far as shopping is concerned at Bangkok.

This is a luxury megamall and is often the place for high street fashion to high tech gadgets.  This is also the place where Siam Ocean World and Madam Tussauds Wax Museum is located.  Most of the goods being sold here are branded and expect that the prices here are much higher than it's counterparts.  You would feel delighted though by the cozy ambiance inside the mall and will be fascinated by a number of restaurants offering mouth watering foods and Thai dishes that will surely tickle your senses. 

MBK is Bangkok's legendary mall and is famous to both locals and tourists. The high rise building consists of eight floors packed with over 2,000 stalls.  Here you can find a variety of items ranging from fashionable clothes, hand bags, leather products, accessories, electric appliances, stationery and a lot more.  Inside the mall you can also find a number of cinemas and restaurants where both Asian and Thai dishes are being offered. Unlike in Siam Paragon, the goods being sold here are a lot cheaper and you can surely take home a lot of personal stuff provided that you are good in your bargaining skills.  The entire mall is air conditioned and shopping is very convenient. 

One of the must visits in Bangkok.  We'd been here twice during our one week stay. The place is packed with market stalls and side street restaurants.  Lots of gold shops can be found here, as well as Chinese restaurants serving the best Chinese cuisine.  You could also have a visit to their temples, museum and textile market.  For more of China town experience, you can click on this post.

Central World Bangkok is both a lifestyle destination and a shopping paradise.  The new Central World is probably the most beautiful shopping mall that I've ever visited in Thailand.  I would say that shopping at Central World would be a very pleasant experience with all it's modern amenities, wide walk ways, nice interior designs.  House to more than 500 shops where you can buy both local and international brands, you can shop at Central World like nowhere else.  I was pretty amazed with this mall.  It exudes with class and excellence.  Even the SF Cinema located inside the mall is truly world class.  I enjoyed visiting this mall as I wasn't able to see it's contemporary in the Philippines aside from the Mall of Asia.  If you happen to visit Bangkok, visiting Central World would be a good thing to consider. 

shot in front of the mall

shots inside the mall

If you are a lady and fashionable clothes and accessories are your fantasy, then visiting Platinum Mall would be your best bet. :)  You will surely be fascinated with lots and lots of fashionable clothes, accessories, ladies bags, shoes, belts and other "girl stuff".  The good thing is these goods are affordable, too.  You will surely be delighted choosing the best outfit that would fit you as there are lots of designs and varieties to choose from.  Really a shopping paradise.

So if shopping is really one of your favorite activities, then going to Bangkok is an opportunity that you shouldn't miss.  Bangkok has a lot to offer in terms of goods and services and you would be happy to discover that shopping is not only the main thing in Bangkok.  There are actually lots of shopping places to choose from and I only name a few in this post.  Each shopping place caters to each individual needs and budget preference.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

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A Visit To Bangkok's China Town

One of the places that we've explored while we were at Bangkok is the China Town.  I guess China Town is so famous that almost every country has it.  We had also visited one in Vietnam when we had our vacation at Saigon but the one in Bangkok interests me most.

China Town is just around 15 to 20 mins "tuk-tuk" ride from our hotel at Petchburi Road and in fact we have visited this place twice during our stay at Bangkok.  My kids were just fascinated with all the products being sold there as well as the festive atmosphere of the place.  Just like the other China Towns, it's crowded and full of shoppers especially during the late morning where everyone is rushing.  

A view of the Chna Town's Main Road.

Kids having a picture taken on one of the stalls.

Grand China, a famous landmark.

And of course, who wouldn't be lured to try their street foods.  You might be surprised but it's yummy! :)

If you are a fan of shopping malls, then this place is not for you.  It's hot there, crowded and you will just feel a little bit uncomfortable when going around.  But this is a good place if you want to stretch out your shopping budget as you can find a lot of nice stuff here at affordable prices. Packed with market stalls, street-side restaurants and a vast number of gold shops, China Town will surely be an experience not to miss.

So if you are a bit boring on the usual stuff you see at the malls within the heart of Bangkok , then China Town could be a good alternative.

Address: 526 Yaowaraj Road,.Sumpuntawong, Pom Prap Sattru Phai, Bangkok 10100, Thailand
Phone:+66 2 225 0204

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