Monday, January 21, 2013

Where To Shop At Bangkok

It's well known to many that shopping in Bangkok is an experience every shopper will never dare to miss.  Bangkok has all kinds of places from the towering malls to the bustling street markets, all will surely blow your hard earned money!

Shopping in Bangkok is a day and night time activity as the city also offers a number of night markets, Patpong market being on top of the list.

The following are my recommendations as far as shopping is concerned at Bangkok.

This is a luxury megamall and is often the place for high street fashion to high tech gadgets.  This is also the place where Siam Ocean World and Madam Tussauds Wax Museum is located.  Most of the goods being sold here are branded and expect that the prices here are much higher than it's counterparts.  You would feel delighted though by the cozy ambiance inside the mall and will be fascinated by a number of restaurants offering mouth watering foods and Thai dishes that will surely tickle your senses. 

MBK is Bangkok's legendary mall and is famous to both locals and tourists. The high rise building consists of eight floors packed with over 2,000 stalls.  Here you can find a variety of items ranging from fashionable clothes, hand bags, leather products, accessories, electric appliances, stationery and a lot more.  Inside the mall you can also find a number of cinemas and restaurants where both Asian and Thai dishes are being offered. Unlike in Siam Paragon, the goods being sold here are a lot cheaper and you can surely take home a lot of personal stuff provided that you are good in your bargaining skills.  The entire mall is air conditioned and shopping is very convenient. 

One of the must visits in Bangkok.  We'd been here twice during our one week stay. The place is packed with market stalls and side street restaurants.  Lots of gold shops can be found here, as well as Chinese restaurants serving the best Chinese cuisine.  You could also have a visit to their temples, museum and textile market.  For more of China town experience, you can click on this post.

Central World Bangkok is both a lifestyle destination and a shopping paradise.  The new Central World is probably the most beautiful shopping mall that I've ever visited in Thailand.  I would say that shopping at Central World would be a very pleasant experience with all it's modern amenities, wide walk ways, nice interior designs.  House to more than 500 shops where you can buy both local and international brands, you can shop at Central World like nowhere else.  I was pretty amazed with this mall.  It exudes with class and excellence.  Even the SF Cinema located inside the mall is truly world class.  I enjoyed visiting this mall as I wasn't able to see it's contemporary in the Philippines aside from the Mall of Asia.  If you happen to visit Bangkok, visiting Central World would be a good thing to consider. 

shot in front of the mall

shots inside the mall

If you are a lady and fashionable clothes and accessories are your fantasy, then visiting Platinum Mall would be your best bet. :)  You will surely be fascinated with lots and lots of fashionable clothes, accessories, ladies bags, shoes, belts and other "girl stuff".  The good thing is these goods are affordable, too.  You will surely be delighted choosing the best outfit that would fit you as there are lots of designs and varieties to choose from.  Really a shopping paradise.

So if shopping is really one of your favorite activities, then going to Bangkok is an opportunity that you shouldn't miss.  Bangkok has a lot to offer in terms of goods and services and you would be happy to discover that shopping is not only the main thing in Bangkok.  There are actually lots of shopping places to choose from and I only name a few in this post.  Each shopping place caters to each individual needs and budget preference.


  1. Oh I went to Siam Paragon and MBK Malls. Kaya lang short trips lang. Ang ganda ng Siam Mall and is high end talaga. Sa MBK naman masarap magshopping kasi mura, hehe.

    Mommy Maye

  2. Honestly, Thailand's not on my list until this post. Thailand does seem to be like a nice place.

  3. I haven't been to the Platinum Mall!

  4. Keeping these shopping places in mind, so that when I go there, I already know where to go. :D Thanks!

  5. I hope to visit them too in the future. :)

  6. MBK, where Mommy bought some shirts for me. hehehe

  7. I know napuntahan ko yung MBK, but I'm not familiar with the other, newer malls. Hehe. Napuntahan ko din yung Chatuchak (not sure of the spelling) and other markets. Shopped at the pricier night market along Patpong road din. Hay. kelan kaya ako makakabalik ulit ng Bangkok? I also would love to explore other regions of Thailand.


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