Friday, March 29, 2013

Celebrating CNY At China Town Bangkok

This is quite a late post about how I spent Chinese New Year last February at China Town in Bangkok.  I almost forget that I intend to make this post.  Anyway, visiting China Town has always been a great experience for me.  Aside from the fact that you can find a variety of good restaurants serving sea foods, there are also lots of shops selling jewelries, souvenirs, accessories, gift items and of course all kinds of dried herbs that can be used in your kitchen.  It may not be a pleasant experience for some to trail the busy streets of China town as it is always crowded especially during the day time.  But if you are the adventurous type and would like to get the most of your hard earned money, then you can never get wrong visiting this place.  There are also lots of street foods that you can try at affordable price.  I've tried their hongkong noodles and soup and it's really yummy. :)   

You can find so many things to buy right on the streets.

Love to see the colorful Chinese decors on display.  So festive. :)

If you intend to spend a day or two at China town, you can find lots of hotels around the area.  Finding good foods will never be a problem as you can find restaurants and eateries every where.  If you are more into shopping and cannot control your impulse :), you don't have to worry as there is a courier office nearby where you can ship goods back to your country.

Overall, I love visiting China town.  I will definitely be back in one of my future trips to Bangkok.

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  1. beautiful, festive photos :) I would love to see the place in person soon...


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