Friday, April 26, 2013

Vietnam: Dam Sen Theme Park in Saigon

One of the many attractions and places that we have visited in Vietnam, I would say that Dam Sen Theme Park is one of the places that I've enjoyed the most. Located at District 11 in Saigon, Dam Sen is a large-scale park which is a very convenient place to visit for locals and tourists alike.  I've heard that prenuptial photo and video coverage is being done here as the park offers a variety of nice views including various gardens and landscapes and plant art as featured one here below:

You will never ran out of interesting subjects for your photo shoots as large statues of Buddha and other symbolic figures are abundant in various colors and designs.

Inside the park, you can see many interesting views that can capture your heart. Gardens, fun statues, plant arts, rock formations and other nature-friendly views are within your reach.

rock formation

This place cannot be compared to Disneyland at some point but there is enough reason to be there and learn a part of Vietnamese culture and traditions.

Who says that this place is just for kids?

The Ice Kingdom

Water Lilies all over the lake

There is also an animal show which you can see and enjoy during the scheduled time and the entrance fee is not too bad.  If I can remember it right, it's less than 2 dollars.

The admission fee is not that bad for such a fantastic place. 
About 50,000 dong per head? Not bad eh....

kids always want to have some pictures taken with  the locals.  (Lol) 

Can't have enough of the photo shoots....

Dam Sen Theme Park should really be included in your itinerary when you visit Saigon.  It is a large scaled park that's not only meant for kids but adults as well.  The many interesting places inside the theme park is enough reason to stay.  Park, gardens, zoo, water park, restaurants, Ice Palace, animal show are some of the many things you can see inside the theme park that will keep you entertained the whole day.

A must see!

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