Friday, May 10, 2013

Bangkok: AKA Restaurant At Central World

When we visited Bangkok, we had a chance to eat at a "shabu-shabu" type of  restaurant located inside the Central World.  We had chanced upon the place after a short walk after we watch a movie at one of their cinemas.  It is actually a Japanese restaurant named AKA Restaurant.

My two kids having a quick pose before we enter

AKA seemed to be famous at Central World as the place was really crowded when we went there. The overall appearance of the place is good.  Tables and chairs looked nice and really matched the motif of the resto. It is air-conditioned, have a high ceiling, bright and a nice place with good ambiance. You don't have to be worried about the smoke because they are using a smokeless grilling pan. 

Same as the other BBQ grill restaurants, they'll give your order raw and fresh and let you cook it the way you wanted it.  

 Seafood platter with shrimps, squid, fish and crabs.


see the big servings of drinks?  It's not from AKA actually, we had those from the cinema.  (lol)

Their menu also offered a wide variety of selection and they also offer an eat all you can package for THB280 per person. The only downside of this restaurant is the service.  They are not attentive to customers and will let you sit there for a long time without even bothering to check with your orders.  At one point, I really get annoyed and needed to stand up and complain at the counter as our orders were not served completely and the food crew never attend to us despite of calling their attention a number of times.  This kind of service is really terrible considering that their prices there is not really cheap, huh.  Probably, it turned out to be this way because the place is crowded and there's a lot of customers. The taste of the foods is good though despite of the many inconveniences we had experienced.  Probably, it would be good to visit the restaurant not on the peak hours so you could enjoy a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere.  Avoid going there during dinner time if you prefer to get a quality service.  

Should I go back there again when I visit Bangkok the next time?  Well, probably yes but as I said, I will choose the right time and not the peak hours. But overall, our AKA experience is generally okay and I would say that my two teens really had a great time and went back to our hotel really full.

You may want to give it a try, too!

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  1. thanks for sharing this. i also don't like bad service esp'lly when your paying good money for it.


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