Sunday, June 30, 2013

Where To Dine At Saigon

If you happen to visit Saigon, chances are you will be looking for a place that would give you a pleasant dining experience. We did! My family loves "food trips" a lot and whenever we visit a new place either within or outside the country, we would normally try new dishes either from a decent restaurant, a fast food or even street foods, should an opportunity arises. During the family's last day at Saigon, I insisted to bring the kids to this BBQ Garden Restaurant which I happened to know from the reviews that I've read on Trip Advisor.  Previous customers have mentioned that this place is famous for locals and always jam packed with people.  This is the reason why at first, I was a bit reluctant to try the place.  Call it a coincidence, but since we were not able to find the place so soon, we ended up having our late lunch at past 2 PM.  As expected, there was a less crowd that time and we were able to enjoy the full attention of the service crew at the restaurant.

There's nothing much special about the place.  It is an open air restaurant with lots of plants and fresh air.  But we loved their foods!  My kids enjoyed grilling our fresh meats and sea foods right on our own table and  they served us with a variety of dips and sauces that made us appreciate the dishes more. 

There were only several customers at that time which gave us an opportunity to enjoy the place more.

The foods served were priced reasonably, nothing to complain.  Staff were also attentive, but my daughter did not like the idea that they would from time to time come near to the table and grill the foods for us.  My kids wanted to enjoy the experience that's why I politely request the waitress to leave us. (lol).

This wouldn't probably be the case should we go there on peak hours.  Overall, we loved the place.  It's simple, but we love the ambiance and the foods.  My son even commented that, why did we only visit that restaurant on our last day at Saigon. :)

BBQ garden is located right in the heart of District 1 close to many tourist attractions, so it would be easy for you to visit the place after the city tour.


  1. i love DIY BBQs exciting kumain hhaha, some japanese resto also have this

  2. Nice. As long as hindi maubusan ng food ang resto, I also think it's best to go after peak hours para less people. :)

  3. I like BBQs but of course I need to moderate it now. hehehe. Another great place to go to.

  4. I like anything grilled! Thanks for sharing a place to go dine at Saigon. Hope to be able to travel outside of the Phils again soon! :)

  5. nakakagutom :0) sana makarating din ako sa Saigon, :)

  6. It looks like quite the place... great setting and delicious food. Love the photos. :-)

  7. Hey Teh Krizz! First time ko ata sa blog mo na eto. I have a lot of things to make up for like visiting your blogs like I used to. Pano naman kasi madalas tinatamad si Inday kesa sa hindi, haha! Nag-uupdate lang ng blogs kung may datung. LOL!

    Anyways, your kids are both so grown up na. Parang kelan lang ano? I love all the photos here. It must be one great trip for you and your family.

    See you around! Love and hugs!


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