Sunday, June 2, 2013

Where to Stay At Phnom Penh

In every place I visit, I always have a favorite place to stay.  Not that I'm scared to explore and discover other nice hotels but because I don't want to take a risk of spoiling my visit to the place with an unpleasant experience in the hotel.  I had visited Phnom Penh (capital of Cambodia) a number of times since this is the only place that we could go to shop and take time out from work when I was still assigned at Sihanoukville.  Besides, we usually go to Phnom Penh to renew our passport and Visa.  I had booked on few hotel before upon friends recommendation but I ended up choosing Silver River Hotel as my place to stay when in Phnom Penh.

Silver River hotel is strategically located near the river side where lots of good restaurants and bars can be found.  It is  also near to some tourist attractions like the National Museum and Royal palace.  It's one "tuk-tuk" ride to the Central Market, the famous Russian market and Sorya Mall. Outside the hotel, you can find a lot of "tuk-tuk" service, just use your bargaining skills and you're all set to visiting the nearby attractions within the city.

Silver River hotel is just a simple hotel but complete with almost everything that you need for a comfortable stay.  The facilities are nice and clean and staff are warm and friendly especially the restaurant staff.

    Hotel Room

Dining Area near the Hotel Lobby

Wash Room located at the Main Lobby and restaurant area 

The friendly "tuk-tuk" driver who brings me to the Russian Market :)

I was lucky that someone had recommended this "tuk-tuk" driver to me.  He speaks a very little English but I can communicate with him using a little "English", basic Khmer language that I've acquired while staying at Cambodia plus a little of "body language".  That's more than enough to survive with my trip. (lol)

There are a number of good restaurants at Phnom Penh although shopping is very limited.  However, if you are after getting some souvenir items, then there's a lot of options to choose from and two of my favorites are the central Market and Russian Market where you could get a number of affordable items like silk, home decors, linens, key chains, post cards, scarves, sarong and other silver ware products.

By the way, Silver River Hotel is priced at $29 per night for a double room with free buffet breakfast.  You may also want to try their in house massage which is priced at $5/hr for the regular massage and $7 for an oil massage.  That's considered cheap!

So when you happen to visit Phnom Penh, try booking at Silver River Hotel, a recommended accommodation at Phnom Penh.



  1. Nice hotel. Looks clean and homey.

  2. you're working in cambodia? that is so cool! me and my friends were planning to visit siem reap this september but i wasn't able to book a ticket during the seat sale. sayang! it would have been my first chance to visit a foreign country.

    the hotel you stayed in is very homey. i usually don't care how famous the establishment is as long as their rooms are well-maintained and very clean.

  3. Looks like a nice hotel to stay. thanks for sharing.


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