Monday, July 15, 2013

Would You Like To Visit Saigon?

If there is anyone out there who is planning an out of the country trip for the family in the near future and is quite conscious with the budget, then I would recommend you to visit Saigon.  Saigon is the old name of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.  But I am more comfortable referring to the city as Saigon as this is the more popular name among the locals. As I am quite familiar with the place, I thought of writing a post that would guide would be travelers to Saigon.

There are actually a lot of fascinating things about Saigon which is not known to many.  I am a regular visitor of the city as it is very near to the boarder where my previous company is located.  I was able to explore the place and learned so much about the city and it's people. It's quite funny at times since currently, I am working with some Vietnamese nationals and sometimes, I am the one giving them tips on how to go around the city.  This is so because they did not originate from Ho Chi Minh but on the distant provinces in Vietnam.  No wonder, they don't know much about the city. (lol)

What do I love about Saigon?
  • Vietnam massage is one of the best that I've ever tried.  Hot stone massage originated from them.  It's really soothing and relaxing and  being a regular in spas and massage clinics, I would say that Vietnam massage is still the number one in my list.
  • I love Vietnam dishes.  They got the best spring rolls and soups cooked into perfection.
  • I love Megastar Cineplex.  Their cinema is very nice and cool and they have special rates offered to students and discounted rates on certain  days of the week.  I feel so relaxed every time I watch a movie there and they have the best caramel popcorn. :)
  • Goods are cheap in Vietnam that we ended up buying even some grocery items.  We cannot resist the price.  Example, a big bar of Colgate only costs about 30 pesos which is about 50% less than it's price in the Philippines.
  • Medicines are so cheap in Vietnam, you don't have to bring tons of medicines for common ailments as you can find medicines there similar to what we have in the Philippines at half the price.  So why bother?  As a matter of fact, I used to buy medicines there and bring back to Philippines.  I saved a lot kasi. :)
  • You can find soup everywhere even on the streets.  Mind you, they are famous for their traditional Pho.
  • Do you know that Vietnam is famous for it's coffee?  You can find stalls selling coffee everywhere.  Their ice coffee is one of the best.  Of course my two kids didn't appreciate it because normally young people don't like coffee but most Moms do. :)
  • There are lots of options for budget hotels if you are really aiming for a budget tour.
  • Lots of interesting places to visit right in the heart of the city and price is not an issue.  Entrance fees to theme parks are really affordable.  We had managed to visit two theme parks actually.
Okay, to wrap up, we've stayed in Saigon for 10 days. Me and my two kids minus hubby as he was not able to get a vacation leave that time.  Overall, we only spend around $1,200 for the 10 days vacation.  That's about 48K ++ in pesos and that includes the airfare, hotel accommodation, foods for 10 days, visiting some attractions within the city, dental cleaning for the three of us, plus a little bit of shopping for ourselves and for "pasalubong". 

Places we have visited during our 10 days stay there are:

Suio Tien Theme Park
Dam Sen Theme Park
Saigon Zoo and Botanical Garden
China Town
Notre Dame Cathedral
Central Post Office 
3 Malls
Watch two movies from 2 different Cinemas (Megastar Cineplex) 
Benh Thanh Market plus the night market
Watch Animal Show
Watch an Acrobat show
A stroll around the central district area.

So I leave it up to you to judge if the budget mentioned above is already considered reasonable for three people for a 10 days vacation. For me, it is!


  1. After reading your post, I got curious to see the places you went. Perhaps you would include the pictures on your next blog :D

    1. Hi Sis, actually I have separate posts for the individual places we've visited there, you can check it under categories section. I have already featured some in this blog. :)

  2. Vietnam is also included in my wishlist. Who knows I might really visit the place in the future. :)

  3. You sold me already on the coffee lol! Seriously, I'd like to tour at least Asia someday (kelan kaya?) I'd like to try their famous spring rolls too. They say walang obese sa Vietnam...maybe because they are fond of plant-based food.

    1. Sis, I'm not kidding. Their coffee is really great! OO napansin ko din walang ganu obese sa Vietnam. Mostly, they are slim. maybe because they love to eat veggies lang. very seldom ang meat.

  4. Yes! Aside from the tour and the food, I'd like to witness how progress they are these days. Ate Krizza, your blog has a new look! Ganda! You did it on your own?

    1. Hi Ida. Thanks. The lay out, yes, I did it myself but someone has done the header for me. :)

  5. Love the new look of the blog. Have yet to visit Saigon.

  6. I would like some spring rolls and pho please. Your vacation sounds great!

  7. i am very, very eager to visit vietnam. hopefully soon. i won't commit otherwise hindi na naman matutuloy. but yes, it's the food that i am after. their pho has been earning raves because of its flavor and i would like to experience that for myself. i say the expenses you incurred for your 10 day are worth it!

  8. its in our family's bucket list. hopefully soon!

  9. if i have a chance, vietnam is in my list, i like to see Ho Chi Minh's monument and museum; it's great to know that goods are cheap

  10. I would love to visit Vietnam someday. Maybe this Cristmas break or summer .. :)

  11. YES! YES! I want visit Saigon, see the sights, learn how to make Vietnamese spring rolls and eat a lot of pho! :)

  12. Wow, thanks for these tips! My husband went there a couple of years ago for a business. We'll go back together soon! :D

  13. Im planning a trip soon to vietnam. Do you know where the bargain places?

  14. Me too! Vietnam Vietnam hopefully! =)

  15. Saigon... I always thought of Lea Salonga. I've heard so much about this place. It really is a must to visit. How I wish I have spare money to spend hahaha!

  16. Wow Vietnam..hopefully get to visit this lovely country soon and i will definitely re read your post for guidance.


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