Friday, August 30, 2013

Travel Journals

As I've discovered a great love for traveling, I'm always on a look out for more travel destinations that I could go and afford, of course!  I prefer to go to places with lots of historical and cultural significance, thus it is necessary for me to keep track of the events, of the information and other important details about the place and it's history.  As such, I usually bring a pen and a small notebook on my every trip.  But after seeing this travel journal design from my pinterest board, I suddenly got interested to make one for myself, one which will serve not only as a simple notebook where I could jot down some basic information about the place but also a journal that comes with organization ideas for the basic memorabilia that I will opt to collect from a particular trip or from those places that I've visited. 

I guess it's easy to do and since I'm so in love with crafts, I really think of making a cute one for myself.  I would be posting it here soon. :)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Benefits of Traveling

My love for traveling started when I begin working overseas.  I do not remember going out of town or out of the country that much before when I was still working in the Philippines.  Maybe I'm too preoccupied with work or maybe that time, I am too busy looking after my kids.  Sometimes, I'm thinking that should I've known the joys and fulfillment brought about by visiting various destinations earlier, perhaps, I should have visited more interesting places in the Philippines and abroad.

Now, I realized that traveling is more of discovering oneself.  It opens our eyes to the many faces of the world we live in.  You get to discover other cultures and this enables you to have more appreciation of your culture back home.  When I say traveling, I do not only pertain to visiting theme parks and shopping malls, I'm more to trips of cultural significance.

Traveling allows you to embrace new culture, experience a different kind of adventure, get out of your comfort zone even for a while, taste other local cuisines, discover people and see all the beautiful places around the globe.  Traveling may even allow you to learn new languages, appreciate other people's way of life, admire the beauty of nature, meet some interesting people and widen your business opportunities.

With traveling, the only limit is your imagination. :)

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Tips To Beat Jet Lag

For those who are very fond of traveling but in a company of friends who used to suffer from jet lags, this info graphics may help. This would help us decide what sort of foods do we have to eat few days before our long awaited travel.

By following these tips, we can be assured of a stress free and worry free travel. :)
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