Friday, August 30, 2013

Travel Journals

As I've discovered a great love for traveling, I'm always on a look out for more travel destinations that I could go and afford, of course!  I prefer to go to places with lots of historical and cultural significance, thus it is necessary for me to keep track of the events, of the information and other important details about the place and it's history.  As such, I usually bring a pen and a small notebook on my every trip.  But after seeing this travel journal design from my pinterest board, I suddenly got interested to make one for myself, one which will serve not only as a simple notebook where I could jot down some basic information about the place but also a journal that comes with organization ideas for the basic memorabilia that I will opt to collect from a particular trip or from those places that I've visited. 

I guess it's easy to do and since I'm so in love with crafts, I really think of making a cute one for myself.  I would be posting it here soon. :)

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