Sunday, September 15, 2013

Visiting Temples At Bangkok

One of the comments that I've got before on one of my posts about Dream World Theme Park in Bangkok was that,  "I thought Thailand is just about temples".  Well, it's certainly not but I would say that visiting temples is one of the main things that you shouldn't miss when you're in Thailand.

I am not a Buddhist nor did I study anything about Buddhism but I have high respect for their religion, as this could very well speak of their cultural heritage.  It is an interesting fact that Thailand is one of the interesting places to visit in South East Asia as Thailand is one country rich in culture and it's history is one of a kind.  This is the reason why, we took the chance of visiting their temples during our one week stay there.  Maybe for some, it would just be a boring activity but not for me.  I would love to understand their culture and to start, I would like to understand their faith.

Apart from their religious belief and way of worshiping, what interests me most about their temples is it's architectural designs. Just looking at how the temples were built and designed is already enough to entertain me.  We managed to take some photos of the temples we've visited and these made me admire Thais more than ever.

You have to take off your shoes and slippers when entering the temples and shouldn't be wearing sleeveless shirts and shorts as well.  If you happen to come with that attire, they would still allow you to enter the temples but you have to wear the robe or the "sarong" that they would hand over to you.  Don't worry, it's free to use. :)  They only want to remind the visitors that you are entering a sacred place and it is to be treated with respect. 

A closer shot of the reclining Buddha

Nice architecture and colorful, too :)

The famous temple of the reclining Buddha

Inside the temple

Entrance to Wat Po

The interest about the country's culture has been a driving force for me to visit the many temples throughout Bangkok and Thailand and it's my curiosity that allows me to learn more about the country, it's people and it's culture. 

If I would still have a chance, I would love to visit more of their temples. :)

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Cosplay At MBK Mall Bangkok

When we visited Bangkok last time for a week vacation,  we chanced upon a Cosplay at MBK mall.  It was my first time to see a Cosplay and it was fun!  I get to see those lovely Thai girls and boys in colorful costumes and fancy make up in an effort to mimic their favorite characters.  They would willingly pose for a shot when approached.  It was a great sight and tourists who used to go to MBK for a quick shopping would take turns in taking their pictures.  There was also a short program featuring Thai teen aged students in their song and dance numbers.  It was a free show! Glad that we passed by that afternoon to MBK as we instantly got a free entertainment. :)

My girl and boy posing with cute Thai girls

This girl is really cute in her attire

Even boys participated in the Cosplay.  It's an "ïn thing" in Thailand

Another cute tandem! :)

These two never get enough (lol)

Just to have a stroll in the whole Pratunam area is already a worthwhile experience as you get to see lots of shops selling fashionable clothes and accessories at a very affordable price, lots of street foods, lots of people walking here and there and lots of other interesting stuff.  So to be a able to see a Cosplay and watch a free show is another plus factor.

Every time I go to Bangkok, I would never miss the chance to go to Pratunam area as this is really where the action is.  But there's one thing that I've missed and that's visiting Chatuchak Market which according to previous visitors is a must place to see.

Hope I could have the chance to go back and visit there soon. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hotel Safety Tips

Just want to share this info graphics from Egencia on hotel room safety tips.  I think this is very helpful to ensure our safety staying in a hotel during our trips.  More so, if you are traveling alone.  Since I work abroad, I get to travel alone more often.  This has become a normal thing for me.  We work on shifts and our days off are being taken on different assigned days to ensure that our operations are properly manned.  In situations like this, you will be forced to visit places all by yourself and this is what I have learned for the whole period of being an overseas worker.

Safety is my priority and I still would love to travel and explore the world without having too many worries in mind.  As for me, I always choose a decent hotel that is situated near to where the action is.  It doesn't necessarily be of a 5 star standard but a decent one from which I could ensure my safety.  I don't usually go for inns located on dark alleys.  Well, booking on Agoda helps me a lot as I can choose and book a hotel in advance and read some customer reviews that can help me decide which one to choose.  I usually book ahead of my trip as I don't want to waste my time looking for a hotel whenever I arrived on a certain place. The best part is... I could also collect points by booking through Agoda and this allow me to book free on my future trips.

Do you have some travel safety tips to share?  Please feel free to leave your comments.  :)

Smart Travel Companions

When traveling, we couldn't get away with some important gadgets that we have, right?  That's understandable, we have to keep ourselves equipped with things that will get us connected with our families and friends and even with our work and business.  It is therefore important for us to choose only the important gadgets that we need to bring and have these securely packed in a smart travel gadget organizer like the one shown on the above photo.  It will not only hold all our gadgets, chargers and connectors in place, it will also make our life easier searching for these at a glance.

A must for every traveler!

As I travel frequently, I also realized the necessity to protect our valuables and to keep these away from being stolen.  Valuables such as cash, credit cards and ATM cards need to be secured and thanks for these cool ideas that I've found!  These customized wrist bands can help us conceal our valuables and keep those protected.  I definitely would make one for myself. :)

Enjoy your trip and be safe!  

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