Saturday, September 14, 2013

Cosplay At MBK Mall Bangkok

When we visited Bangkok last time for a week vacation,  we chanced upon a Cosplay at MBK mall.  It was my first time to see a Cosplay and it was fun!  I get to see those lovely Thai girls and boys in colorful costumes and fancy make up in an effort to mimic their favorite characters.  They would willingly pose for a shot when approached.  It was a great sight and tourists who used to go to MBK for a quick shopping would take turns in taking their pictures.  There was also a short program featuring Thai teen aged students in their song and dance numbers.  It was a free show! Glad that we passed by that afternoon to MBK as we instantly got a free entertainment. :)

My girl and boy posing with cute Thai girls

This girl is really cute in her attire

Even boys participated in the Cosplay.  It's an "ïn thing" in Thailand

Another cute tandem! :)

These two never get enough (lol)

Just to have a stroll in the whole Pratunam area is already a worthwhile experience as you get to see lots of shops selling fashionable clothes and accessories at a very affordable price, lots of street foods, lots of people walking here and there and lots of other interesting stuff.  So to be a able to see a Cosplay and watch a free show is another plus factor.

Every time I go to Bangkok, I would never miss the chance to go to Pratunam area as this is really where the action is.  But there's one thing that I've missed and that's visiting Chatuchak Market which according to previous visitors is a must place to see.

Hope I could have the chance to go back and visit there soon. 

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