Saturday, November 23, 2013

When To Buy Airline Tickets

I think I'm one of those who are going crazy with with cheap airline tickets. In fairness, I have scored few promo tickets before and it really saves me a lot of money.  I remembered that I was able to book return flights for 3 persons for only $300 when we we had our vacation at Saigon.  This really matters to me as the money that we could save from the airline tickets can be spent for the hotel bookings and on our meals. Other than that, you could add it up to your shopping money, too.  We are fortunate enough as there are lots of airlines offering cheap airline tickets to our favorite local and international destinations and if you're lucky enough, you can even get huge discounts by having an early booking but that is if you are already very sure of your availability on certain dates, otherwise you may end up wasting your money.

I think these tips will be of great help in case we are already planning for our next year's trip.  

Essentials To Bring for a Two Week Travel

Have seen this image online and thought of sharing this here for would be travelers.  I myself sometimes do experience difficulty choosing what to bring on a trip to my chosen destination. Ladies really have the tendency to bring a lot of stuff when on a trip and I'm no exception to that.  To meet your baggage allowance and avoid paying extra, we really have to choose what's really necessary and get rid of what we can afford to leave behind, so I think these tips would be a great reminder for all of us. :) 

Enjoy your trip!
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