Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Holly's Restaurant at Subic Bay Freeport Zone

One fine Saturday and in celebration of our wedding anniversary, we've decided to have an eat all you can dinner at Hollys.  It's actually my first time in this restaurant though I've been hearing about this place as this seemed to be popular among local tourists.  This, I heard is actually a Korean Restaurant but they are also serving other Asian dishes.

The place is nice and huge.  They have two buffet sections, one for hot dishes and another for salads and desserts.  The food is okay. It was a combination of Korean foods and other Asian dishes but admittedly, if I would compare it to Cabalen which is also an eat all you can resto, I think Cabalen has lot more to offer though their price is higher by Php48.

I was surprised to see that there were lots of customers that time though the restaurant is not really that full. Customers are mostly Filipinos but there were also a number of Korean customers with their families. :)

I love their creamy buttered vegetables and their honey glazed chicken but I had a good time with their crabs. (lol)

I was not so satisfied with their salad bar, though.  Selection is very limited even for the fruits.  They don't even have appetizers to start with although they had a very nice spicy soup, oh and before I forget, they also served vegetarian pizza which is also yummy.

Overall, for the price of Php250, I would say that it's not that bad at all. The food selection is good enough to satisfy your palate.

One thing that I am not pleased though is the fact that this restaurant doesn't have a rest room.  This is a big and nice restaurant but the absence of a rest room for guests comfort is quite surprising and is a negative factor for me.   They only have a washing area which is not good enough for me.

Hollys is located inside the Subic Bay Freeport Zone.  This is just a short walk from Harbor Point and San Lorenzo Ruiz chapel. 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Costa Experience at Bangkok, Thailand

I spent two days at Bangkok last October before I finally headed back home in the Philippines. I've resigned from my job at Cambodia and decided to spend two days at Bangkok to unwind and visit some places before I finally take my flight back home.  Anyway, my flight to the Philippines will originate from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, so why not take the chance to see more of Bangkok. :)

I didn't really had the chance to tour around Bangkok just like what we did last time because the weather condition is not really that favorable. It's not raining too hard though and I still got the chance to hop around the malls at the central area and that includes a visit to MBK, Siam Paragon where I had the chance to see Ocean World and other nearby buildings.

After a little shopping, I've decided to have a coffee break at Costa. I initially wanted to go to Star Bucks but since there is one near my home in the Philippines anyway, I told myself that I should try one which cannot be found in the Philippines, so I've decided to go to Costa.  

The coffee they served was nice and as you can see, nice presentation, too.  The'res nothing so special about the taste though and even the tuna sandwich which I've ordered doesn't surprise me at all.  The taste is very common. 

I was also surprised about the free wifi connection.  You have to key in the pass word which is written in your receipt and oh boy!, it's only good for an hour.

I think, if you just opt for a nice coffee, there's much cheaper alternative around the area which are also offering a free wifi connection, so I wouldn't really recommend this to shoppers at Siam Paragon.


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Another Cabalen Experience

When I got back home last October, the first restaurant that I've visited was Cabalen.  It was actually our second time in this restaurant which served an "eat all you can" meals for Php298 per head.  The first time we were here was during hubby's vacation which actually coincides with my scheduled vacation, as well. Hubby sent cash gift to Edmar which he used to treat us for a movie date and "eat all you can" dinner at Cabalen.  The food selection was almost the same with what we had last time.  The variety of Asian dishes served were all great but I would suggest them to change the selection from time to time so that returning customers would have a different gastronomic experience each time.

The service was good though except that waiters keep on pouring drinking water in your glass everytime they passed by at your table.  Binubusog ka ata sa inumin. (lol)  

What I loved about Cabalen though is the variety of appetizers and salads which they served. They have a good selection of "ensaladas" and desserts which will truly satisfy you.

My daughter always enjoy their "dessert section" which includes a variety of native delicacies and her favorite "halo-halo".  She is enjoying the idea of making her own glass of "halo-halo" which she can't possibly do when we eat in other restaurants as these are served fully prepared. :)

Overall, I still prefer Cabalen over other "eat all you can" restos that we've already visited but of course, I wouldn't mind trying others given a chance. :)

Friday, December 6, 2013

Japanese Restaurant at TESCO Lotus

I seldom eat at Japanese restaurants as this is not available in the place where I worked in Cambodia but every time I got the chance to go to Chantaburi or Bangkok, I always see to it that I would have a dinner at any Japanese restaurant available at the area.  When I had my 2 days break at Chantaburi, I tried this Japanese restaurant located inside TESCO Lotus.  Unfortunately, I can't possible recall the name of the place :)

The place looks cozy though and since it's not really crowded that time, I've decided to have my dinner there immediately after I arrived at Chantaburi.   

The place is cozy and I love the ambiance. The interior decorations is also nice.

I just ordered a set meal as I am not really sure what to order. Besides, I am not feeling so hungry that time as I just came from a road trip.  The price of the set meal is not that bad, huh.  I think I paid about THB250 or about $8 for everything including my glass of green tea.

I did not regret with what I ordered, it's basic but it makes me feel really full.  It was a good experience.  I did not stay long in the restaurant as I was alone that time and I felt like I wanted to go back to the hotel immediately after dinner.

I've seen similar Japanese restaurants in Bangkok and I think that since this restaurant is located in a province of Thailand, the price here is a bit cheaper compared to Bangkok.

This Japanese restaurant is conveniently located inside TESCO Lotus and it's operating hours is from 10 AM to 9 PM.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Where to Stay at Bangkok

 hotel lobby and reception area

 hotel hallway

 inside the room

 hotel's restaurant

scrumptious breakfast buffet

Every time I visit Bangkok, I always stay at Bangkok City Hotel.  I just happened to discover this hotel through Agoda, I browsed on their website and  I suddenly got interested in this hotel.  The website says that this is just a newly built hotel and have modern facilities at a very affordable price.  I checked on the room rate and I've found it to be very reasonable considering the facilities that were mentioned on their site.

I immediately booked our one week stay there and upon reaching the hotel, I was pleased to see that the hotel really looks very new.  There is a swimming pool on the 5th floor and the room rate includes a complimentary buffet breakfast.  If I can remember it right, I just paid nearly $50 for the room for 3 persons per night and that includes the complimentary buffet breakfast which I really considered good as it comes complete.  We were able to have a dip in the pool at the 5th floor and it was good enough really for the price.

After that vacation with my family, every time I go back to Bangkok during my days off from work, I always stay either in this hotel or in their sister hotel, Bangkok City Suites located just two blocks away from this hotel.  This is also very near to the city's main attractions and shopping malls like MBK, Siam Paragon, Platinum Mall, Panthip Plaza, Pratunam Market and a lot more. :)  You can either walk towards that area or you can just take a short taxi ride so you could save your energy walking around the mall.

I will definitely recommend this hotel to anyone who would like to visit Bangkok and stay in a decent hotel which is affordable, safe and comfortable.

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