Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Another Cabalen Experience

When I got back home last October, the first restaurant that I've visited was Cabalen.  It was actually our second time in this restaurant which served an "eat all you can" meals for Php298 per head.  The first time we were here was during hubby's vacation which actually coincides with my scheduled vacation, as well. Hubby sent cash gift to Edmar which he used to treat us for a movie date and "eat all you can" dinner at Cabalen.  The food selection was almost the same with what we had last time.  The variety of Asian dishes served were all great but I would suggest them to change the selection from time to time so that returning customers would have a different gastronomic experience each time.

The service was good though except that waiters keep on pouring drinking water in your glass everytime they passed by at your table.  Binubusog ka ata sa inumin. (lol)  

What I loved about Cabalen though is the variety of appetizers and salads which they served. They have a good selection of "ensaladas" and desserts which will truly satisfy you.

My daughter always enjoy their "dessert section" which includes a variety of native delicacies and her favorite "halo-halo".  She is enjoying the idea of making her own glass of "halo-halo" which she can't possibly do when we eat in other restaurants as these are served fully prepared. :)

Overall, I still prefer Cabalen over other "eat all you can" restos that we've already visited but of course, I wouldn't mind trying others given a chance. :)

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