Sunday, December 15, 2013

Costa Experience at Bangkok, Thailand

I spent two days at Bangkok last October before I finally headed back home in the Philippines. I've resigned from my job at Cambodia and decided to spend two days at Bangkok to unwind and visit some places before I finally take my flight back home.  Anyway, my flight to the Philippines will originate from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, so why not take the chance to see more of Bangkok. :)

I didn't really had the chance to tour around Bangkok just like what we did last time because the weather condition is not really that favorable. It's not raining too hard though and I still got the chance to hop around the malls at the central area and that includes a visit to MBK, Siam Paragon where I had the chance to see Ocean World and other nearby buildings.

After a little shopping, I've decided to have a coffee break at Costa. I initially wanted to go to Star Bucks but since there is one near my home in the Philippines anyway, I told myself that I should try one which cannot be found in the Philippines, so I've decided to go to Costa.  

The coffee they served was nice and as you can see, nice presentation, too.  The'res nothing so special about the taste though and even the tuna sandwich which I've ordered doesn't surprise me at all.  The taste is very common. 

I was also surprised about the free wifi connection.  You have to key in the pass word which is written in your receipt and oh boy!, it's only good for an hour.

I think, if you just opt for a nice coffee, there's much cheaper alternative around the area which are also offering a free wifi connection, so I wouldn't really recommend this to shoppers at Siam Paragon.


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  1. Just a Thai stumbled upon your blog.

    It's normal for a coffee house to provide free wi-fi. Frankly, I have no idea why you surprise.

    Well, Thailand is like every country in the world. We have both good and bad things. Also good and bad people. Hope you find the good ones.

    You and your kids seem to like BKK. Don't know if you have been to other provinces like CM, my hometown. If not, please take my reply as an invitation.

    Welcome and be our guest again anytime.


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