Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Holly's Restaurant at Subic Bay Freeport Zone

One fine Saturday and in celebration of our wedding anniversary, we've decided to have an eat all you can dinner at Hollys.  It's actually my first time in this restaurant though I've been hearing about this place as this seemed to be popular among local tourists.  This, I heard is actually a Korean Restaurant but they are also serving other Asian dishes.

The place is nice and huge.  They have two buffet sections, one for hot dishes and another for salads and desserts.  The food is okay. It was a combination of Korean foods and other Asian dishes but admittedly, if I would compare it to Cabalen which is also an eat all you can resto, I think Cabalen has lot more to offer though their price is higher by Php48.

I was surprised to see that there were lots of customers that time though the restaurant is not really that full. Customers are mostly Filipinos but there were also a number of Korean customers with their families. :)

I love their creamy buttered vegetables and their honey glazed chicken but I had a good time with their crabs. (lol)

I was not so satisfied with their salad bar, though.  Selection is very limited even for the fruits.  They don't even have appetizers to start with although they had a very nice spicy soup, oh and before I forget, they also served vegetarian pizza which is also yummy.

Overall, for the price of Php250, I would say that it's not that bad at all. The food selection is good enough to satisfy your palate.

One thing that I am not pleased though is the fact that this restaurant doesn't have a rest room.  This is a big and nice restaurant but the absence of a rest room for guests comfort is quite surprising and is a negative factor for me.   They only have a washing area which is not good enough for me.

Hollys is located inside the Subic Bay Freeport Zone.  This is just a short walk from Harbor Point and San Lorenzo Ruiz chapel. 

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