Friday, January 31, 2014

Chantaburi Thailand - Home of Precious Gems

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I had the privilege to visit Chantaburi, one of the most visited provinces in Thailand numerous times as I was working right in the Cambodia-Thailand boarder which is just an hour away from Chantaburi.  I usually visit the place during my scheduled off days from work.  I am staying in a suburb and I don't have much places to go within the area so my only option is to travel to Chantaburi.  I am really comfortable staying at Chantaburi as it is a quiet town, less crowded than Bangkok but offers a lot of things from nice views and parks, malls, temples, beaches, rivers and lakes, restaurants and the famous gems market where Chantaburi is known for. There are lots of  business travelers at Chantaburi especially those engaged in jewelry business. If you opt to find some precious stones at an affordable price, Chantaburi is the place to be.

It is not surprising to find some fine hand crafted jewelries on any local shops in the city at a very cheap price.  In fact, I saw something similar to Kendra Scott jewelry here. Until now, I still regret why I am not able to buy few pieces of jewelries here.  I am not expecting that I would leave my job soon.  Every time I was in Chantaburi, I always delay my plan to buy jewelries as I was thinking that time that I would be around the place more often anyway so I still have a lot of opportunities to buy what I want.  But my sudden decision  to resign from my job came as a surprise and that time, I don't have much days off left so I wasn't able to plan any short travels away from my job site.  Too bad but anyway, I'm hoping that I would still have the chance to visit Thailand in the near future and I would certainly love to be back at Chantaburi, the home of precious gems. :)

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