Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Eat All You Can Dinner at Jades Hotel and Restaurant : Olongapo City

After we attended a Saturday afternoon mass, we went to Ayala Malls to have a walk and it was not long enough when we feel that it's time for the much awaited dinner.  We usually dine out on Saturdays as this is the only time that we are all complete and free from our responsibilities.  It was not our original plan to dine at Jade's.  I was expecting that we're just be eating either on one of the many restaurants at Ayala Malls or at we will go back to Kong's Restaurant as we really liked there the last time.

I was surprised that Edmar volunteered to treat us to an eat all you can dinner at Jade's Hotel and Restaurant which is situated just opposite Kongs at Magsaysay Drive.  It was actually my first time to visit the place but not for Edmar and Mika as they'd been there several times with their Dad. 

The place is not too big and the ceiling of the restaurant is very low.  The interiors is not that superb, nothing really special.

Their placemats on the table are would you believe?  Manila paper! Yes, you heard it right.  Not much qualms about it, maybe they resorted to that as they only offer "ëat all you can" dinner and maybe that's the easiest way to get rid of the mess on the tables. lol

Anyway, the price of the buffet is Php180/head with a free glass of Iced Tea.  Not bad!  The foods served on the buffet is considered acceptable for the price.  Not too many varieties but it's basically complete from appetizers to sweets.  I couldn't take photos of the what were served on the buffet.  There were few tables occupied that time and people come and go.  I suddenly felt shy to take pictures. :)

This is the entrance to the restaurant.  Nothing special but I would not mind going back to this place next time we want to have a really filling dinner.  The foods served were just nice for the price and if you're just looking for a nice dinner minus the ambiance, then this place could be worth a try! :)

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