Thursday, January 9, 2014

The New Kong's Restaurant : Olongapo City

It's like been ages since the last time I've visited Kongs Restaurant in the heart of Magsaysay Drive in Olongapo City.  I have fond memories of this restaurant which is considered one of the pioneers in the city.  I remembered this place to be the favorite party venue of the family. Not only that, this is the restaurant that we used to go whenever we feel like dining out for a change.

My late father loved this restaurant so much that he will always invite family friends on such special occasions where we had to host a dinner or lunch.  Well, I think the most obvious reasons were the affordable price, the restaurant's ambiance, the service and the foods.  It's like a decent restaurant where you can have peace and quiet while dining with your family and friends.  A good place for chats and meetings. :)

What I admired most about this resto is how the management treat their employees.  I guess this is the reason why you would normally see older food service crew and waiters in this restaurant. They have remained loyal to the company and they were never replaced with younger ones, either.

This is one good reason why I love the place.  If they can value their employees, how much more their guests? :)

the newly renovated Kong's Restaurant

This establishment was closed for about a couple of years as this was eaten by a fire outbreak, the date I cannot recall.  The building was now renovated but the second floor where they usually hold parties and function is not yet operational.  I was amazed with the newly renovated Kongs.  The interior is now elegant and up to date.  They also improved on their menu selection.  Best of all, they are now serving quick meals and food combos which are a way cheaper than their original price before.  Now dining here becomes even more affordable.

Since we just prefer to have a lighter meals that time, we opted for the combo meals plus an order of special bihon.  The price is not that bad considering the ambiance and the location of the restaurant.

Fried Rice with Pork BBQ

Lechong Kawali

chicken in sweet chili sauce

We're still planning to go back there and try their other foods.  I think it's worth a visit whenever you get the chance to pass by along Magsaysay Drive in Olongapo.

It is located just beside PAGCOR casino and operates from 10AM until 10 PM.

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