Sunday, March 2, 2014

Musical Trip

I remembered having a musical trip with my friends from way way back.  It was called a musical trip because we hopped from one bar to the other trying to find a perfect perfect stage performer whom we intend to hire for a private party.  The experience was really great, not only we are able to see various bars on that long road, but we also get to enjoy the scenery along the short journey.   We have several criteria in mind. It could be a solo performer or a live band, it doesn't really matter as long as they could entertain us with their song numbers.  The whole idea was that we do not want that private party to be idle.  There should be some sort of entertainment to get the guests occupied.  Nobody wants a boring party right?

That musical trip was perfect, we were able to discover a new hang out and also discovered a place serving good foods and drinks. As we entered the place, we could already hear the loud applause from the audience while the group was playing a powerful song originally rendered  by a local artist whom I forgot the name unfortunately. You could already feel the "party mode" upon entering the place equipped with a power amps from musicians friend.  Well, at least, that's how I assumed, as I could hear the intense sound system on the background.. :)  Needless to say, my friend and office mate approached the Bar Manager and asked for the availability of the performers for a scheduled private party.  We were not successful though as the group was already booked on our chosen date.  We son't have another option but to look for others on that same road where bars and night clubs area really too close to each other.  We did not fail in our attempt as at last, few minutes after midnight, we were bale to book a group of performers for our party.  It was blessing in disguise!  They charged us cheaper and theirs was a great and wonderful performance. This made our party really memorable and we could see that everybody enjoyed to bits.

Thanks for that musical trip. We were able to hit two birds n one stone! :)     

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