Thursday, March 13, 2014

Nha Hang Mon Hue Restaurant at Saigon

During our trip to Saigon, one of the best things that we've enjoyed much aside from visiting theme parks was "food trips".  I love Vietnamese foods a lot.   The way they prepare and cook their foods is a bit similar to Filipino foods only that theirs have more flavors and can be very spicy at times.  Majority of their dishes have veggies.  Maybe this is the reason why very seldom would you see an obese Vietnamese.  Majority of them are slim and petite. :)

Very close to the hotel where we've stayed at District is a restaurant named Mon Hue.  This is an average type of restaurant which served mostly local dishes.  As we wanted to get that experience with local dishes, we've considered dining in at that restaurant after we came back from a whole day trip to Damsen Theme Park.  Unfortunately, the foods that we've ordered are not much to our liking especially to my two big kids who just tried Vietnam dishes for the first time.  Even me who's quite familiar to Vietnam dishes did not really enjoy the foods.  Needless to say, though we've enjoyed the ambiance of the restaurant, we did not go back there for another dining experience and just decided to try Vietnamese foods elsewhere.

If you are a Filipino and you happen to visit Saigon, I would recommend you to try other restaurants around the central district or for that kind of experience, you may try the ones located on the alleys.  They really served more delicious foods there minus the comfort and convenience as the areas are usually crowded and mostly patronized by the locals, though you can still see a lot of foreigners eating there.

After all, you've never been to Vietnam if you won't try these alley restaurants. :)

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