Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Famous Pho 24 at Saigon

Pho 24 is a famous fast food chain in Saigon, traditionally, they serve their signature dish Pho which means soup in Vietnam.  Pho is made out of beef or chicken stock with rice noodles and thin slices of beef, pork or chicken.  You can find Pho 24 almost anywhere in Saigon.  In fact this famous fast food chain Vietnam can also be found in Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines and other neighboring countries in South East Asia. Theres' nothing really special at Pho 24 from my own experience dining there.  I've been getting a lot of good comments about the place, thus I was curious and eager to try their famous Pho.  When we had a family vacation at Saigon, I took the chance to bring my teens there.  They never love soup, though so They've just tried other dishes.  As for me, I believe that my Pho 24 experience will never be complete without ordering their Pho, so that would always be my order every time I got the chance to dine at Pho 24.

Another observation that I have though about Pho 24 is that I've found that their foods are a bit overpriced especially the Pho.  You can have more delicious Vietnam Pho along the sidewalks and much cheaper, too. The price of Pho at Pho 24 is normally at VND50K per bowl which is about double theprice of a bowl of the Pho that you could get from alleys.  No wonder why Pho 24 is normally being patronized by tourists and expats but majority of the locals never eat there.

Since trying a bowl of Vietnamese Pho must be a part of your Saigon experience, I would still insist you to try a bowl or two.  At any rate, Pho can be found anywhere in Saigon and one of the best Pho restaurant can be found at District 3.  If I can still recall, I think the name of the place is Pho Anh.  I just happened to be at this place once when I was roaming along District 3 and this is how I discovered the place.

having tried majority of the foods at Vietnam, I would say that most of their local dishes are great and very affordable.  This is the reason why, touring at Saigon is more economical and fun.

If you happen to visit Saigon, you can drop by at Pho 24 restaurant located at 23-25 Tran Nhat Duat St | Tan Dinh Ward, District 1Ho Chi Minh CityVietnam.  This is more convenient for you as this is just along the central district area where the famous Ben Thanh market is located.


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