Saturday, March 1, 2014

Travel Quote For The Day

Why do we travel?   Is it a necessity or just an indulgence?  Travelling is as necessary as eating foods and having a shelter. We cannot stay and survive in one place.  We need to move around and discover places. Only then we can satisfy our curiosity and let go of our new discoveries.  There's too many wonders in the world that's too hard to pass up. Travelling enables us to open the windows of the world, to see what's beyond the mountains and the seas.  It can make us realize so many good things that life has to offer.  The world is waiting for us.  Let's grab the opportunity to see the beauty of the world. I know that travelling has been difficult to some because of it requires us to spend a great sum of money but with proper planning and saving, this thing is no longer a dream now a days especially so that there are so many budget airlines coming up into the scene.  This made travelling an affordable option to those who want to relax and escape from our normal routines.

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