Sunday, March 9, 2014

Where to Buy Gold At Bangkok?

Bangkok is not only famous for shopping, it is also famous for golds.  The last time I've visited China town, I've seen a number of gold shops along the main road and I've noticed that majority of the people visiting the shops are businessmen.  I got this idea when I happened to enter one shop and overheard the conversation of one buyer and the shop owner.  It so happened that the conversation was in English as the buyer is a foreigner so I was able to understand their conversation.   

Thai Baht gold is recognized in the world for the high quality of it's gold thus jewelries sold at Bangkok are know for the high gold content and baht gold jewelry is always sold by actual product weight.

There are a number of gold shops along the main street of China town the reputable stores that's normally being recommended by the locals there can be found at Yaorawat Road in Chinatown.  I haven't tried buying one in the area though I've been there a number of times maybe because I'm too scared to try. Prior to visiting Thailand, I normally find jewelry on Facebook.  I just thought that it's the easiest way to find quality jewelries.  Having been to Thailand had changed my perception though as I've seen many fine crafted jewelries at a more affordable price.  Should I've stayed longer in Thailand when I was still working in Cambodia, I might have considered selling jewelry as a business coz I think that Thai Baht gold is not really hard to offer in the market due to it's high quality.  if you're planning to add up to your jewelry collection, you may try to visit Bangkok and don't forget to have a stop over at China Town. :)   


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