Saturday, April 12, 2014

San Roque Chapel SBMA

When it comes to hearing mass or simply finding a time off from work or at home and wants to have some kind of meditation, I always go to San Roque chapel inside the Subic Bay Freeport Zone.  This chapel is located at Dewey Avenue right across the Tappan Park and a short walking distance to Boardwalk.  

This chapel has been the venue for most weddings because of it's nice location.  It has an airconditioning system and rest rooms. The chapel is quite small yet elegant and could just probably accommodate around 50 people inside the chapel but they have provided lots of chairs outside the church just right in the garden area. Large speakers were installed so the chapel could accommodate more people.  I personally prefer to hear mass right inside the chapel not only because it's very comfortable there due to the centralized air conditioning but also because I find the mass more solemn due to a lesser crowd where there seemed to be an intimate bonding with the Lord.

I specifically love the idea that there is an adoration chapel just beside the church building where the Blessed Sacrament could be found.  You can go there to pray anytime of the day and it's really nice if you want to have a one on one talk with the Lord.  

After the mass, you can take some time to walk around the church just appreciating the nice view and landscape of the garden.  It's picturesque and the atmosphere there appears to be very relaxing .  My daughter and I would normally have some ice cream after the mass before we finally head to our next destination. 

San Roque chapel is one of the most visited places inside the Subic Bay Freeport Zone and this will always be a part of our Sunday itinerary.

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