Friday, May 30, 2014

Mines View Park, Baguio City

Your Baguio City trip will never be complete without visiting Mines View park.  This is so far the most popular and the most visited park in the city. Just looking at the panoramic view of the gold and copper mines and the surrounding mountains from the observation deck, you will already experience a spectacular sight that will surely give you an unforgettable experience visiting Baguio.

My daughter at the observation deck 

We had fun posing for photos while wearing the Igorot costumes.  This is my second time in Baguio but I failed to do this during my first visit which took place many years ago.  We have rented the costumes from the old Igorot Folks for Php20 per set which includes all the accessories and you can pose for unlimited shots using your own cameras.

family photo at the observation deck till you drop!

There's nothing much to see at Mines View Park actually except for that captivating scene which could be seen from the observation deck and those shops selling souvenir items.  One thing good about visiting Baguio is that you can never ran out of souvenirs which I considered already cheap compared to items I bought from other places we've visited.  I wished that I could have bought more actually but in as much as I would like to buy many "walis tambo" that could last for 3 years, sweets, strawberries and veggies, we could only afford to bring home what could fit in in our 2 extra luggage bags.

Until now, I am still hoping that I could go back to Baguio for few more times as I didn't have enough of what's supposed to be seen and bought (lol).

We've visited few more places which I would feature in my future posts.  

Please do come back for more updates on our Baguio trip! :)


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