Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Wright Park, Baguio City

After taking some photos at The Mansion House, our next stop was at The Wright Park which is just very near to The Mansion.  The proximity of these famous landmarks to our hotel made us decide to consider going to these places first before exploring other famous tourist spots in Baguio.  There's nothing much special about this place actually.  All that you can see are vendors selling silver jewelries, souvenir items and plants in pots which I find very cheap.  I've managed to buy 3 varieties and wished that I could buy more but we have to limit our baggage as it is very hard to carry loads of things when you're just commuting.

Aside from these vendors selling interesting stuff, all you can find are photo booths renting Igorot costumes for about Php10 to Php20 for unlimited shots.  You could also take time out to ride a horse for about Php200 per 30 mins. I did not ride the horse, I just let hubby and my daughter to enjoy the ride while me and my son went around the place for sight seeing and to buy some souvenir items and plants.

If you are interested to have some photos wearing the Igorot costumes, you better have it here as it is cheaper at Php10 per costume compared to Mines View Park which is Php20 per costume.

We left the place after an hour.  There's nothing much to see there anyway except for those horses (lol). There's no entrance fee though so I guess the place  is still worth visiting and by the way, we were able to have a taste of their Strawberry Taho there which I've found a bit sweet.

For the experience, I would still suggest to include this place in your trip itinerary when you visit Baguio. 

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