Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Travel Quote To Remember


Love this travel quote! Since I've discovered the beauty of traveling, I was able to prove to myself that the joys and happiness brought about by the experience of seeing the world, understanding other people and their culture and appreciating the beauty of nature is one thing that cannot be trade in for money.

You may not be richer in terms of money, but you are surely richer in love and experience!


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Good Shepherd Convent, Baguio City

Even before we went for our Baguio Trip, we've heard so much about Good Shepherd Convent already! This in close proximity to Mines View Park and it's main entrance is at Gibraltar Road.  As expected, since this convent is located just in the same area, this is definitely your next stop after visiting Mines View Park. This place has been so popular because of the items being sold in here and their best seller, I think is the Ube Jam. I actually bought two jars and yes it's yummy!

I was actually surprised with the crowd inside the convent as in you have to fall in line just to buy their food products.  I've heard that this convent is actually employing under privileged teens who wish to pursue their education and buying their products would help them out in their schooling, so I think it's for a good cause. 

Inside, you will find an interesting view for photo shoots and so we did! After we got our bottles of yum and strawberry jams, we took some time out to appreciate the view inside and to get some souvenir shots.  As I love garden setting, I really had fun taking pictures of myself and family.

their famous ube jam (yummy!)

Good Shepherd Convent is one place in Baguio where you can get to smell the fresh pine scented mountain air!  Definitely worth visiting!

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