Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bangkok China Town

A friend was asking me where to buy the best golds?  She is so excited as she is going to get married again after few years of being a widow.  Since I was working that time at the Cambodia and Thailand border, I actually recommend her to go and visit China Town in Bangkok where she could find the best golds in the city.  She and her partner were actually looking for gold wedding bands and they wanted a finely crafted one. 

I remembered to have visited China Town in Bangkok a number of times.  I used to go to Bangkok every now and then to spend my days off from work and this is how I discovered the beauty of China Town. There is this market there where you could find great bargains. No wonder why the said market is always busy especially during the morning time as so many merchants were there to buy some products that they wish to resell.  It was one of those busy days that I explored China town and discovered the best shops selling golds.  I actually thought of doing a business out of golds but hubby advised me not to as it's quite dangerous to carry golds during travels especially that I'm not so familiar in the city.

Bangkok China Town was actually recommended to me by one local whom we met in front of MBK mall when we asked him how we could go to Pratunam Market.  Since then, a visit to China Town will always be a part of my itinerary whenever I visit Bangkok and from there, I discovered that there's a lot more to explore in that busy town.    

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