Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Buying Souvenir Stuff From My Trips

I have this habit of buying home ornaments whenever I go to visit other places whether be it a local destination or abroad.  I love my home a lot and I would always imagine myself decorating my home or making some DIY stuff.

I've managed to buy some decorative items during my trips abroad and these are now seating in my curio cabinet at home.  I would normally buy small figurines or pewters during my trips as these are believed to be more affordable and would not be a great addition to my luggage.  I would love to buy some personalized ornaments actually but time always prevents me.  Normally, it would take a day or two before you could pick up your personalized ornaments from the souvenir shop and this would definitely affect the trip itinerary that I've prepared, so I would normally settle to buying something that's generic. :)

Anyway, buying souvenirs is a must for me during my trips.  It will not only remind me of the places I've visited but it always connects me to places I've been.  This is certainly a pleasure for me!  

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