Thursday, October 23, 2014

Solibao Restaurant, Baguio City

We had our first dinner at Baguio City during our last summer vacation at Solibao Restaurant.  We didn't have any idea about the place but it was recommended to us by the cab driver.  He brought us to the one near Burnham Park.  I heard they have another branch at the Session Road but we never had a chance to try that branch.  There are so many good restaurants to try in Baguio and Solibao is one of them.

This restaurant near Burnham Park is really crowded especially during dinner time, thus you can't really expect a special attention from the staff.

We checked on their menu and there is a wide selection of mouth watering Filipino dishes.  We opted to have mixed grilled sea foods.  As expected, you won't have your meal that fast and you need to wait for almost an hour before your foods get served.  We were really hungry at that time as we just arrived from Olongapo.  It was a very tiring trip which made us all feeling sleepy and hungry.  We were actually disappointed to have our foods served really late, so for a start, we ordered two servings of their special "puto bumbong".

Their grilled sea foods is not really worth the price but their other dishes like "kare-kare" and "sinigang na tyan ng bangus" are getting god reviews from the customers.  I think, it would also be nice if they could add up a bit of entertainment like having acoustic singers on stage.  It would be a lot better if they could get one.

Since I haven't tried much of their dishes, I couldn't make any further comments but I will still consider to go back and dine in at Solibao on my next Baguio visit.

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