Sunday, November 23, 2014

Burnham Park, Baguio City

Our first and last stop at Baguio City during our summer vacation was at Burnham Park.  We went to Burnham Park shortly after checking in at our hotel.  We went there because we badly needed our dinner after a long and tiring trip and the taxi driver recommended Solibao Restaurant which has a branch right at the center of Burnham Park.

The park is actually situated at the heart of the city centered at a man made lake.  I guess Burnham Park is a favorite destination not only by the tourists but also by the local residents.  There is no entrance fee to the park and you can simply let your day pass off just by roaming around the area, having a picnic or just having a quick afternoon snack along the streets usually flocked by vendors selling various street foods. 

There are so many benches situated around the park where one can jut sit and relax and have a view of  the beautiful scenery while enjoying the sight of kids and adults biking around the park.  You will never get worried about getting hungry as there are so many outdoor kiosks where you can have your meal.

Since we returned at Burnham Park on our last day in Baguio, we`didn't have enough time to experience all of what the park could bring.  I've heard that there was an orchidarium inside the park where various plants, flowers and trees are sold.  We had a chance though to row a boat around the lake and it was fun!

Hubby and son really enjoyed our boating experience and my daughter never stop giggling every time she had her turn to row the boat.  Being city dwellers, we did not really had the chance to enjoy much of these activities.

It was a bit sunny that day and we were really tired and perspiring and using petal pushers deodorant is such a relief. :)

We really had fun taking photographs around the park and that Burnham park experience is one of the best part of our Baguio vacation.


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