Sunday, December 14, 2014

Depression Can Cause Miscarriage

I remembered a story  before by my friend who traveled alone in a place far away from home. She actually visited a local tourist spot but not to enjoy the view but to spend sometime alone and do some soul searching. She was two months pregnant then and having some issues with the father of the child.  She was devastated at the the time and traveling alone to escape from all her worries and problems was her only option. 

Extreme depression is one of the leading causes of miscarriage, if not birth defects. According to, studies show that a pregnant woman who is depressed generates noxious chemicals which may affect her child’s behavior after birth. You can take anti-depressants but birth defects might occur once the baby is born. It is better that you reroute your emotions to the positive side. Find ways in which you will be able to divert your attention to a more fun and exciting leisure. Don’t let your negative emotions affect the experience of you being happy while you’re pregnant. Environment can still affect your child even if they’re still in your womb, and your partner helping you overcome your depression is the best way. After all, couples should help each other whenever bad things happen. Make the most out of your situation to lessen your depression. Go out with your friends and enjoy their company. Don’t forget to talk to a psychologist to help you be treated and avoid anti-depressant pills. 

Getting out of depression especially when you are pregnant is really necessary to help you go through well with your pregnancy.  While I personally recognized travel as one of the most effective ways of coping up with depression, especially when you are visiting a destination with beautiful scenery and surroundings, it is also important to consider looking for a travel buddy to ensure your safety.  I also used to travel alone and sometimes, it gives me some kind of thrill, but traveling alone while pregnant is a different story.

Pregnant women should certainly avoid getting depressed to ensure a safety pregnancy and this is where her partner and the people around her take a very important role.  Taking time to understand and what a pregnant woman is going through is vital in order to avoid miscarriage.  Remember, a child is a gift and we should take all the efforts necessary to take care of this gift.

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