Saturday, December 26, 2015

Vascos Museum and Restaurant Subic Bay Freeport Zone

I never knew that we are going to dine at Vascos for our anniversary dinner.  It was my son Edmar's idea to have the dinner there.  He called his dad one day and asked him to bring me to Vascos.  His Dad seldom stay in the Philippines and when he does, he would only go to places where we would bring him, he's not the adventurous type. :)

The reason why my son choose Vascos was that he's thinking of the ambiance.  This is a restaurant which is overlooking the sea and based on the description that could be seen from the internet, this restaurant brings you to an era of galleons and pirates and will allow you to see some ancient relics and shipwreck display.

True enough, you could see some shipwreck display as you enter the restaurant but it seemed to be old and musty. We went there night time so it was a bit dark and you could hardly see nor appreciate the sight of the blue ocean.  Besides, since it is open air, I could feel some mosquitoes biting my legs as we have chosen to sit on the area where we could still see the waters.  I am not comfortable and suggested hubby to find another table for us and he managed to find one near the bar.  He requested to have the wall fan opened at least to drive mosquitoes away.

I've noticed that most of the customers dining there that night were Americans and most were talking really loud.  I told hubby then that we probably went to a wrong place.  He agreed to what I said but since we were already there, we don't have a choice but to just proceed ordering our dinner.  

The menu comes with a variety of dishes, mostly Americans but they have a few selection of Filipino dishes.  The foods are a bit pricey ranging from 300 to 600 per dish.  Even the drinks are quite expensive, too.

I ordered grilled salmon with tartar sauce and a hefty serving of green salad that comes with Italian dressing.  Hubby ordered a Thai dish.  I remembered that it's chicken but I forgot the name of the dish. It's a bit spicy too thus I love it as well.

The foods are nice and satisfied`my tummy and that compensates for the ambiance that I am looking for. However I do not recommend this place if you want to have a romantic date or a private meeting with a friend.  This place is good for a group of friends who wants to hang out, drink and have fun.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas Atmosphere at Ayala Harbor Point

Since hubby arrived home for his much awaited vacation, we had been a regular visitor of Ayala Malls Harbor Point.  This is the most convenient place to hang out in Subic Bay Freepost Zone as this is complete with all the restaurants, shops and cinemas.  Aside from this, there is usually an event happening at the mall's activity center.  I love the Christmas Hymns and Harmonies where different groups perform live with their magical tunes of carols and holiday cheers.  The last performance I think would be on December 23 at 7PM. 

 Hubby on the other hand really enjoys hanging around at the Riverwalk Strip.  We usually go here on Saturdays as this is our free day.  You can enjoy foods, music and drink fest.  Beers are very cheap at 3 bottles for Php100 only.  They have Acoustic bands playing and the atmosphere is very festive so you would really enjoy being there.  The problem is I am not really pleased with their sound system, it would be much better if they use kustom amp next time.  I believe this should be a good point that they need to consider next time as people do not only go there for foods and drinks but for the music of course.

Overall, we still enjoy the Christmas atmosphere at Harbor Point and hopefully we can witness Santa's Meet and Greet on the 23rd and 25th.

Happy Holidays! 

Monday, November 16, 2015

Coffee Shop at Bo. Baretto Olongapo City

Coffee Shop at No. 2 Rizal St. Bo. Baretto Olongapo City has been popular due to it's jumbo tacos.  I remembered to have dine in here numerous times due to the fact that we live close to the area during the time that the now famous resto was just starting.  Whenever we crave for tacos, our destination would always be "Coffee Shop" but what I love more about this restaurant is having our meal at the garden area. It's an outdoor space and we can have a breath of fresh air and a nice view of a garden. This is just perfect if you wish to have a quiet time or a private conversation. Over the years, they've been adding more items on their menu and is now offering a variety of food items, however their jumbo tacos is still the "best seller".

My recent visit to this resto was last month and as I've entered the place, I felt a bit disappointed as the place seemed to be not maintained properly.  No improvements were introduced to the place and taco price is getting higher and higher.  There was no available table on the outdoor are, so my daughter and I decided to have our tacos at the second floor.  The entire place looks old and musty. Nothing seemed to be exciting anymore.  I understand that the tacos is their best seller but at least it should be improved even just the presentation or how it is served.

my daughter enjoying her order of jumbo tacos

Anyway, Coffee Shop is still a good place if you are craving for great tasting tacos but if you are looking for more, then I suggest you try other restos nearby.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Guitar Street In Saigon

During one of our trips abroad, I've remembered my daughter Mika to be very insistent about buying a guitar jack.  I think that was in Saigon where we had the chance to visit a lot of shopping malls and local stores within the city.  She was just starting with her guitar lessons that time and one of her objectives back then is to have a complete set of accessories for her guitar.  Of course, I am supportive to her when it comes to cultivating her talents, thus I went out f my way to accompany her to find all what she needs for her chosen hobby.  

Checking out local music stores as well as visiting clubs and restos with live bands playing had been a part of our every trip.  As I am quite familiar with Saigon having worked in the Cambodia-Vietnam border, I brought her and his brother to Nguyen Thien Thuat Street which is normally called as guitar street in Ho Chi Minh City as this is full of guitar shops.  This is usually the destination of music fans.  Shops here sell ready made musical instruments and accessories but also accept custom made as per customers specifications.  True enough, Mika got fascinated with all the musical instruments she had seen here.  Had it not been for the fact that our luggage were already full, probably Mika would also insist to buy another guitar for her.  Anyhow, it was a pleasant experience and I could see how she enjoyed our trip to Nguyen Thien Thuat Street in District 3, Ho Chi Minh City.  I recommend this place if you happen to be at Saigon.  


Sunday, September 6, 2015

Buddha's Bowl At Harbor Point Subic

photo from their FB Page

I was introduced to this restaurant by my daughter as she always dine in here with her classmates. Hearing the name, it seemed like I suddenly got the idea of what foods they served here.  Living and working in Cambodia for 7 years, I've been to a lot of restaurants serving similar kinds of dishes.  I had tasted the best Thai dishes too in Bangkok and this small restaurant at the second level of Harbor Point at Subic suddenly reunited me with these foods which I truly missed.

The ambiance is good, simple and not crowded.  I love the art displays on the wall which really made reminisced my life abroad.

Those monks in orange colored monastic robes remind me of the usual sight I see from Cambodia and Thailand.  We ordered Buddha's Best and Hang Over.

photo taken from BUddhas Bowl FB Page

I wasn't able to have a shot of my order so I just grabbed this photo from their FB page.  My daughter was able to have a shot of her Buddha's Best though which according to her is her favorite.  This is actually a serving of fried rice with pineapple, chicken and some flavorful spices.  Hang Over is also chicken that comes with their special sauce and a sunny side up egg.  I really love the way these dishes were cooked,  so simple and yet tasty.  I am also a lover of spicy foods and this is one of the reasons why I love to dine here.  I told my daughter once, that the dishes served in this resto taste somewhat similar with Kung Fu kitchen which is my other favorite restaurant.

I actually came back to this restaurant a number of times already and as usual, I always get delighted every time I dine here.  Their Monk's Special and Fish and Basil Stir Fry are equally amazing.  I am yet to try their Pad Thai which is one of their best sellers and of course, their Laksa which really looks delicious and spicy.  Their drinks are priced from Php50 (soda) and Php65 (milk tea).  They also serve deep fried ice cream but I'm not a big fan of fried ice cream, so probably, I will still settle for DQ. (lol)

Anyway, I am recommending this restaurant for those who prefer spicy foods but they also can serve the dish according to your preference.  This is definitely a must try in Subic.

Address: Promenade, L2 Harbor Point , Rizal Highway Corner Magsaysay Drive , Subic Bay Freeport Zone , 2222 Olongapo City , Zambales

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Travel and Shopping

Are you fond of taking chances to shop for labor day deals?  When you're a frequent traveler and you love shopping, I guess you would know the best time of the year to shop anywhere in the world.  My friend told me that she loves to shop for labor day deals.  She travels a lot and she is really a hoarder. She wouldn't go back home with an empty luggage.  She would buy anything that she finds nice and cheap. Well, I couldn't blame her.  It's really tempting to shop for some great deals. Labor Day Sales is one great season to shop if you really opt to get a good bargain.  Some stores are offering items for 50% to 70% off. That's really a lot of savings especially if you are eyeing for something that you'd been longing to buy.

Some travelers though are not really interested on shopping and that includes me.  Whenever I visit a place locally or abroad, I always spend my time visiting tourist spots or museums.  For me, there's a special kind of connection established between me and the place that I visit if I would try to understand more of their cultural heritage.  Well, each person has it's own preference though, but I think what is more important is you enjoy your every travel.  After all, everyone deserves a really nice vacation once in a while.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Funtastic Park Subic

This post has long been overdue. Blame it to my hectic schedule! :)  Actually, we have visited Funtastic Park in Subic last May.  It was my son's idea to have a look at this park. I was a bit skeptical about this whole idea at first since I was thinking that it is more of a children destination but my son who is actually a young adult convinced me that there is no harm in seeing the place.  After all, we reside in Olongapo and it is a must to see everything that Subic could offer.  Besides, we could get discounted entrance tickets online and we don't have plans to go anywhere last summer, so off we go to Funtastic Park Subic.

Inside, there are fun activities which are said to be the first in Subic.  I am not fascinated though since I've seen similar places in Saigon Vietnam before but to have a change of environment once in a while won't really hurt, right?

We have seen a lot of trick art inside the building which are all good subject for photo shoots, and since both my son and daughter love to take photos, it was just expected that they both enjoyed this part of the visit to the park.

They also have the enchanted forest which can be a magical walk thru experience but I think this would be best appreciated by kids.  For those who have already visited a more advanced theme parks locally and abroad, this may proved to be very basic though.

They also have this dark room which I really never appreciate at all.  I don't really see the idea of going inside a very plain dark room with nothing to feel and see.  At first, I thought it's going to be scary but there's actually nothing inside...just a total plain dark room.

They also have this Ames Room where you could make yourself appear to be giant or dwarf depending on where do you stand inside the room.  

The park attendant told us that there are outdoor activities, as well and this made me a bit excited to know what else could they offer in terms of fun but again, I was dismayed to find out that they only have the trampoline, the garden maze adventure and the grass slide.  But don't expect too much as the garden maze adventure is not really an adventure as it is too small and very easy to navigate.  For kids, I think it would be okay though.

I had a great fun though using the trampoline.  This I tried so I could have a bit of exercise in a lazy afternoon (lol).

Overall, I could say that the park is great for kids but if you are free and want to spend your time elsewhere than staying in your hotel rooms, I think this place is worth visiting. However, if you are a person looking for great fun and excitement as well as adventure, then perhaps this place is not for you.

Funtastic park is located at Bldg. 2070, Corregidor Highway, East Ilanin Forest, Subic Bay Freeport Zone.  The park is open from  9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

For ticket reservation, you can call (047) 250-3099 or 0998 530 9377.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Things To Remember When You Wish To Drive Overseas

I've stayed in Cambodia for 7 years and would occasionally visit Saigon in Vietnam and Bangkok in Thailand since I had the opportunity to work on both the Vietnam and Thailand borders of Cambodia. I loved the idea of getting to know other people and learning about their culture. I guess this is the highlight of my stay in those countries, but there's one thing I did not dare to do when I was there and that is to try driving.  I was already driving in the Philippines for about 7 to 8 years prior to going abroad but my experience in driving is not really that extensive.  Almost one hundred percent of the time I was driving, I was using my own car. Never did I try to drive a friend or a relative's car. Probably, I was not that confident yet with my driving skills or I just don't have the guts to go for extra adventure.  If that is the case, the more I won't have the courage to drive in another country like Cambodia, Thailand or Vietnam.

I remembered to had been asked once by my Australian Boss to drive the company van to bring our staff to the bank as there was no available company driver at that time.  I simply refused the favor due to a number of reasons and perhaps these are the things that you have to remember too before you drive overseas:
First, I don't have an International Driving Permit (IDP).

Second, I don't have any idea about the foreign country's driving laws.

Third, I am not familiar with the route to which I was asked to drive.

Fourth, I was used to driving on the right side in my own country but in Cambodia and Thailand, you have to drive from the left side, so this is something that I have to consider as this would definitely confuse me while on the road.

There are indeed a lot of factors to consider if you wish to travel to another country and drive there.  It would be great to read the driving laws in the country of your destination beforehand and be aware of their own road signs.  After all, the laws can be very different from what you're accustomed to and so with the reinforcement.  Personally, I would recommend reading some driving guide beforehand if you wish to be safe and free from any troubles driving abroad.

It pays to be ready than sorry. We could never be sure whether we really have to drive or not while on vacation or travel so it is best to prepare and research in advance.  Obviously, each place we go can offer us unique challenges, so preparing and reading in advance will put you to a great advantage and lead you to a good start.  

Happy Travelling!

Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post, however, all opinions are my own.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Subic Bay Board Walk

The Board Walk area at Subic Bay has been a common sight for many local tourists and Subic residents alike.  This has been the venue of free concerts and shows at SBMA, not to mention that this is a favorite spot of Olongapo and Subic residents as anybody could have a stroll by the beach, go biking, jogging or simply have a seat on one of the benches while enjoying the view and fresh air. 

Around the park, you could also find a lot of restaurants, hotels and inns at an affordable price.  One of Boardwalk's attraction during night time is the Pier One Bar and Grill where you could have a scrumptious dinner while listening to a love band performing on stage.  They have alternate bands performing nightly and you will surely be pleased with their kind of music.  They are equipped with a nice set of band instruments and sometimes, I am wondering whether their electric guitars were from di box guitar center.  

If you are at Subic and you just want to have a good walk with your friends, you can always visit Subic Bay Board Walk for free and you don't have to worry about where to have your dinner as there are plenty of options around the place.

Subic Bay Board Walk is located at Waterfront Road Subic Bay Freeport Zone.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Treetop Adventure at Subic Bay

I'm not a person who loves adventure, my decision to take some rides at Treetop adventure at Subic happened as a result of my son's endless convincing.  Another thing is that I have a fear of heights, I really couldn't stand it when I'm on a very high place then I would suddenly look down, I feel like I'm dying out of great fear.  My son never stopped until I said yes to him.  I said on one condition, I would only try the canopy ride and jungle trekking, Superman Ride for me is a big NO!  At last, he agreed.  So, there we are together with his other 2 friends.

We first had the jungle trekking with a bit of jungle survival training like "making a fire" out of bamboo, cooking rice and creating your own kitchen utensils using bamboos and other materials you could find inside the jungle.  This is not actually new to me as I have remembered to have attended similar activity before in the JEST Camp.  We were 5 in our group plus two other visitors.  We were accompanied by an Aeta staff whom we fondly call "Pickle", that's his nickname and it's so unique.:)
Pickle is one of the staff at Treetop Adventure who is tasked to guide the visitors who will go for jungle trekking.  It was fun because Pickle was so entertaining.  We had a great laugh listening to him and watching him as he demonstrate the important uses of bamboos.

Aside from the great fun we had listening to him, the jungle trekking itself didn't satisfy me.  The walk was too short and not that exciting.  Should had not been for the fact that Pickle was very entertaining, perhaps we all got bored with this activity.

After that, we had the "canopy ride" which is good.  Not so scary, just good for the not so adventurous people like me.  The "Superman ride" was okay as per my daughter which they all enjoyed.  This ride is not for me, so I just waited for them to finish on a nearby shed.

Overall, we had a great time, only that I had a headache afterwards due to extreme heat at that time. We spent just about two hours at Treetop Adventure as each ride is not really that long.

For those who love to have an adrenalin rush, perhaps going to Treetop Adventure is a good way to experience something fun and exciting.  This is another kind of entertainment that you will surely love.  As a matter of fact, I've heard that Kim Chiu and Xian Lim are regular visitors at Treetop Adventure Subic.

You may want to contact Treetop Adventure for tickets and reservations:

JEST Area, Upper Mau Cubi Point Subic Bay Freeport Zone 2222 
Telefax Number: +047.252.9425
Mobile: +63 915-838-9354 (Globe) /
+63 922-576-9156 (Sun)

You could also buy your tickets from Metrodeal for great discounts. :)
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