Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hotel Review : Mansion Garden Hotel Subic Bay Freeport Zone

We had booked the 18th birthday celebration of my daughter last January 4 at Mansion Garden Hotel which is located inside the Subic Bay Freeport Zone.  We had chosen the pool site as the party venue since we've considered their pool to be a very nice one, simple but elegant.

I also like the facade of their hotel building.  Looks elegant especially during the night time.  Just right for a three star hotel.  Well this hotel is fairly new, operating for only about 3 years I guess.  

The hotel's lobby although not so spacious, looks clean and neat. It's always a pleasure to hang out in the lobby.  Their wooden furniture looks formal and elegant.

There is a Mini Stop outside the lobby which I think is also attached to the hotel building which is also a plus factor especially for those tourists coming from Manila and other provinces as they can readily buy some toiletries or snacks anytime of the day while in the hotel.

This hotel is also very near to other famous restos at SBMA like Meat Shop which is in close proximity to Freeport Exchange Duty Free Shop.

The only downside of this hotel is the room itself.  We just booked a standard room which we intentionally use as a dressing room during the party but we later on decided to stay overnight. The room is considered very small for the price.  The Asst. Manager of the hotel said the room costs about Php3,000 for it's regular rate but we had a 20% discount for the room after booking the function with them.  The room is very basic, a bed which is only a Queen size, a small dresser with mirror and a small night table beside the bed.  Basically, it's complete except for a safety deposit box but you won't be able to move around the room as it is literally very small.  The toilet/bath room is considered of standard quality but the shower area easily gets flooded when you take shower.  If you only intend to stay at the room at night time just for sleeping, I think that wouldn't be an issue but if you are the type who wish to appreciate your room as well, then this maybe a problem to you.

photo taken from the hotel's Facebook page

F&B staff were also nice and accommodating but some of the front desk staff proved to be inattentive. Their housekeeping and maintenance staff were also very helpful and nice. 

We were not able to have the complimentary breakfast at the hotel's restaurant because we woke up late, about 10:30 AM.  Unfortunately, breakfast serving time is from 6:00 AM to 10:00 AM.

The foods we had during the party were considered above average and this was based on the feedback we got from our guests.  They were all satisfied with the taste of the foods and the way these were presented.  For the foods, I would give a thumbs up. :)

Overall, we had a pleasant stay at the hotel and overall, I would still recommend this hotel for those who wish to visit Subic Bay.

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