Monday, March 30, 2015

Ben's Kitchen Dining Experience

Well, this is the second part of my review for Ben's Kitchen.  We didn't actually stay long here during our first visit so I did not have much time to look around the area and also to try their other specialties as written on the menu.  Out of curiosity and since I was quite satisfies with what we had on our first visit, my daughter Mika and I decided to have an afternoon snack at Ben's Kitchen right after we watched a movie.  

Mika recommended to order Nachos which she told me is one of the best sellers there.  In fact, she told me that this is what she and her classmates usually order whenever they drop by at Ben's Kitchen after school.  So, excited to try the much talked about Nachos of Ben's Kitchen, I right away place an order for a serving of Nachos with cheese and their own version of hamburger sandwich with cheese and bacon.  I was warned by the food server that they have a large portion per order to which we just smiled thinking that we could take out the unconsumed order anyway. :)

As a certified coffee lover, of course, I wouldn't let the day pass without ordering their signature brewed coffee which is actually served bottomless.  Aww, I would we happy to have two rounds of brewed coffee in a lazy afternoon anyway. :)

We patiently waited for our order which to my surprise came shortly and true enough, the food serving is really big.  Here...have a look:

After seeing the order, I am convinced by the fact that we can't really finish everything.  The Nachos is really good and crispy and the cheese tastes heavenly.  The Hamburger sandwich is also very big and just looking at the two orders, we really thought that we have to stay the whole afternoon there to finish everything.  The brewed coffee is so fresh as usual but I was a bit disappointed that I have to wait long to have my second cup served.

Well overall, Ben's Kitchen by Extremely Expresso did not fail to satisfy  me, and of course Mika, as my daughter is very fond of American foods.

Will definitely be back soon! :)

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