Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Travel and Shopping

Are you fond of taking chances to shop for labor day deals?  When you're a frequent traveler and you love shopping, I guess you would know the best time of the year to shop anywhere in the world.  My friend told me that she loves to shop for labor day deals.  She travels a lot and she is really a hoarder. She wouldn't go back home with an empty luggage.  She would buy anything that she finds nice and cheap. Well, I couldn't blame her.  It's really tempting to shop for some great deals. Labor Day Sales is one great season to shop if you really opt to get a good bargain.  Some stores are offering items for 50% to 70% off. That's really a lot of savings especially if you are eyeing for something that you'd been longing to buy.

Some travelers though are not really interested on shopping and that includes me.  Whenever I visit a place locally or abroad, I always spend my time visiting tourist spots or museums.  For me, there's a special kind of connection established between me and the place that I visit if I would try to understand more of their cultural heritage.  Well, each person has it's own preference though, but I think what is more important is you enjoy your every travel.  After all, everyone deserves a really nice vacation once in a while.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Funtastic Park Subic

This post has long been overdue. Blame it to my hectic schedule! :)  Actually, we have visited Funtastic Park in Subic last May.  It was my son's idea to have a look at this park. I was a bit skeptical about this whole idea at first since I was thinking that it is more of a children destination but my son who is actually a young adult convinced me that there is no harm in seeing the place.  After all, we reside in Olongapo and it is a must to see everything that Subic could offer.  Besides, we could get discounted entrance tickets online and we don't have plans to go anywhere last summer, so off we go to Funtastic Park Subic.

Inside, there are fun activities which are said to be the first in Subic.  I am not fascinated though since I've seen similar places in Saigon Vietnam before but to have a change of environment once in a while won't really hurt, right?

We have seen a lot of trick art inside the building which are all good subject for photo shoots, and since both my son and daughter love to take photos, it was just expected that they both enjoyed this part of the visit to the park.

They also have the enchanted forest which can be a magical walk thru experience but I think this would be best appreciated by kids.  For those who have already visited a more advanced theme parks locally and abroad, this may proved to be very basic though.

They also have this dark room which I really never appreciate at all.  I don't really see the idea of going inside a very plain dark room with nothing to feel and see.  At first, I thought it's going to be scary but there's actually nothing inside...just a total plain dark room.

They also have this Ames Room where you could make yourself appear to be giant or dwarf depending on where do you stand inside the room.  

The park attendant told us that there are outdoor activities, as well and this made me a bit excited to know what else could they offer in terms of fun but again, I was dismayed to find out that they only have the trampoline, the garden maze adventure and the grass slide.  But don't expect too much as the garden maze adventure is not really an adventure as it is too small and very easy to navigate.  For kids, I think it would be okay though.

I had a great fun though using the trampoline.  This I tried so I could have a bit of exercise in a lazy afternoon (lol).

Overall, I could say that the park is great for kids but if you are free and want to spend your time elsewhere than staying in your hotel rooms, I think this place is worth visiting. However, if you are a person looking for great fun and excitement as well as adventure, then perhaps this place is not for you.

Funtastic park is located at Bldg. 2070, Corregidor Highway, East Ilanin Forest, Subic Bay Freeport Zone.  The park is open from  9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

For ticket reservation, you can call (047) 250-3099 or 0998 530 9377.

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