Thursday, January 21, 2016

What do Music Lovers and Coffee Lovers Have In Common?

I am a certified coffee drinker and to put it bluntly, I never spent a day in my life without having a cup or two. As a matter of fact, my day will never be complete without it. There's certain kind of magic in coffee that it became my constant energy booster (blame it to the caffeine). :)

I also noticed that when I'm feeling low or sick, I would always resort to drinking coffee and this will improve my feelings instantly.  I'm not a music addict though, probably last time when I'm a bit younger, but now I would say that I am more addicted to coffee than music although there are things that music lovers and coffee lovers have in common.

Music lovers and coffee lovers both love to travel.  They are always hungry to discover new places and they are usually the adventurous type of people.  They both want to explore and they both have passion for the arts and are usually nature lovers.  I always imagine myself drinking a cup of coffee while watching the beauty of nature.  Music lovers on the other hand are not very particular on the kind of instruments they are using to play their music.  Whether it's a les paul junior or the one of lesser quality, it doesn't matter as long as while the music plays, you know who you are and everything you wish to be.  

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  1. I think most of music lovers have the common hobby is enjoy music while drinking coffee.


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