Monday, February 29, 2016

Driftwood Beach Olongapo City

Going out from the usual posts, I've decided to feature here a place to hang out which is not cozy, not touristry but simple, beautiful and serene.  Not everyone can afford a luxurious travel nor everyone can afford expensive entrance fees.  Sometimes, a person or a family just want to have some time together... to bond, to unwind, to relax or to simply create a beautiful memory.  I have proven one thing... it's not about the place, it's about who you are with.

This is what I've realized when we went out for a day of bonding at the beach.  The decision was impromptu, it was done the night before.  We were not ready with anything.  It was a quick decision, we would spent the entire morning at the beach where we could jog, walk, stay under the sun, swim, play with our two cute pets and have a simple breakfast.  There is really a truth to what they always say...unplanned outings are always the best.  So, we even watched a movie at night before we sleep so we ended up on bed quite late.

We woke up at 7 AM, hubby cooked a quick breakfast, fried eggs, longganisa, tuyo (dried fish), hotdogs and sweet ham plus of course, steamed rice.  We get everything ready before 8 AM and soon than expected we were already at the beach.  Driftwood beach is the nearest beach to our place and it is not a private beach, it's government owned so residents of Barrio Baretto where the beach is situated can enter for free.  It so happened that we own another house at Barrio Baretto, so we are free (lol).

From the looks of it, this beach is not any different from the other private beaches along the main highway of Barrio Baretto.  It's currently being improved as we saw a number of new cottages being constructed.  I am not sure, if they will impose higher entrance fees later but the overall view of the beach front is considered beautiful and worthy of photo shoots. These are some of the photos taken during our morning at the beach.

We did not even rent a cottage.  It was morning, so the sun is not so hot yet and we've found a corner in the beach which is shady, so we had a sort of a picnic there.  Putting table cloth on the sand, sitting, walking, lying and running with the pets.  We had our scrumptious breakfast later and hubby and my son Edmar had the opportunity to swim before we finally decided to get back home.

Our morning spent at the beach was the happiest during his entire vacation, according to my husband and it was one of my favorites, too. We were so happy that time that we did not even notice the passing of time.  Our two adorable pets, Lucio and Marcus also had a great time. They don't have that opportunity to run and swim all the time, so we really saw how happy happy they are.

Now I realized that going for a short break does not mean that you have to spend much and choose the most coziest place.  It's about spending the time with people who matters most to you....your family.

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