Thursday, February 25, 2016

Xtremely Xpresso Cafe At Subic

Right after we attended the Sunday Mass at San Roque Church, we've decided to go to Xtremely Xpresso for our lunch.  No only because it was the nearest one to the church aside from Chopping Board but because we haven't been here for quite a while now and I'm pretty curious about the improvements they have introduced to their menu, facilities and services.

The last time we visited here, I was with my daughter Mika and we just opted to dine "Al Fresco" and had some pizza and pasta.  It was late afternoon then when I picked up Mika from school so eating outdoors with the sight of the water fountain and passers by was a perfect idea.

This time, it was extremely hot, so having our lunch inside the cafe would definitely be a better option. The resto  was almost full when we came in and we were seated to the table near to the cake display area. Nothing much had changed except for adding more seats and a private area.  Everything looks the same from the decors to the counter, etc.  Even the outdoor seating is almost the same as last time.  I wonder why they have never introduced much changes considering that it is one of the most visited restaurants in Subic,

We were given a menu as soon as we're settled on our table which also doubled as our place mats.  I've noticed that new selections were added to the menu and it was indeed a good idea to try their main courses that either comes with plain rice, garlic rice or mashed potatoes.  We've ordered the following:

At the Entrance

 Korean Beef Ribs

Stuffed Pork Chop

Creamy Fish Fillet

The food was great and the presentation is pretty nice, almost the same with Ben's Kitchen which I think is a sister company.  Creamy fish fillet was my choice because I love to eat fish and I told my kids that as much as possible, I'll be ordering fish whenever we dine out as most of the time, I am cooking chicken, beef and pork at home.

Korean Beef Ribs was Mika's order and it a bit sweet but the beef is so tender making it a good choice for Mika who really loves to eat beef. My son opted for Stuffed Pork Chop which unfortunately, I didn't like. We ordered Iced Tea for our drinks and opted to have some dessert elsewhere.  Price range is quite reasonable too. The only thing that disappoints me was the absence of free wifi service.  How can a coffee shop like Xtremely Xpresso omit this? People usually go there to hang out either alone or in group and it would be much better if you could at least do something when you drop by there alone or at least for people who can't be separated from their gadgets. :)

As for the service, I would consider it fair but not great.  Service staff were not so attentive, I don't know maybe because it was lunch time and the place is quite crowded.

At any rate, I would still recommend the place to local and foreign tourists or even for local residents who just need a break form their daily life routine.

Xtremely Xpresso Cafe is located at No. 1 Dewey Avenue, Subic Bay Freeport Zone. For reservations, you can call them at (047) 252 - 3681.

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