Monday, April 4, 2016

Acoustic Night At Chopping Board

This was not our first time to dine at Chopping Board.  We usually go here whenever we attend mass at San Roque Church because of it's close proximity to the church.  I would admit, I really love the ambiance of this resto.  Me and my daughter are really fascinated with the restaurant's nice interior decorations.  Your eyes would feast looking around, reading quotes posted on walls.  Though this is not the first time that we dine at this resto, we were not aware that they have Acoustic Night every Fridays.  The songs were nice though the sound system is not that excellent.  They should have checked electronic drum guide at thehub. :)

We did not really intend to listen to their acoustic band that night, but it came as a surprise.  However, because we still need to buy something at the super market, we did not stay there long enough.

We just ordered sandwiches as we just had a snack at Harbor Point before we attended the mass, so we were not really that hungry during dinner time.  Their Cheese Burger and Lechon Baka Sandwiches were great, but I find it to be a bit pricey as these only come with 3 pcs of potato wedges and don't even have even a small salad on the side.  Nevertheless, it was good to try their lechon baka sandwich which I think is one of their best sellers.

Nothing really special abut their drinks, we've tried pandan and lemon grass tea a couple of times and their fruit juices is the usual store bought canned juice (Gina).

I understand that it was crowded the night we went there but to wait for almost 45 minutes just for sandwiches definitely turned me off.  They also have 10% service charge which is not reasonable considering the kind of service they deliver to their customers.

However, for the ambiance  and for the foods, I may consider giving it another try. :)

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