Sunday, June 5, 2016

Buma Hotel and Restaurant Subic Bay

Our visit to Buma Hotel and Restaurant was unexpected.  My daughter suddenly felt like she wants to spend the day swimming and so, we suddenly packed our things and leave. That's it, no fuss, no waiting. :) 

Mika already had advance information about Buma Hotel, so it wasn't hard for us to think, although we are also considering another hotel which is the Mansion Garden Hotel, but since we've been there already for a night as this was our chosen venue for Mika's Debut Party, we opted to try another hotel this time.  Buma is not as modern as the other hotels we've visited in Subic but it was fine for a day's relaxation especially that there's only the two of us anyway.

If you don't like to sleep over, you can opt to go for swimming only.  The fee is reasonable at Php300. This is consumable so it is already considered to be a good price. But bear in mind that you are dining inside a hotel so do expect that foods do not come cheap.  In fact, just for very simple and plain afternoon snacks, I paid Php800.  Anyway, this includes the access to swimming facility, so I guess, it's good enough but they do charge 10% service charge so be prepared to pay a little extra.

The pool is basic and simple. We were lucky that we went there on a weekday, so it wasn't crowded. We had the entire pool to ourselves aside from few other guests.  They have a dress code and rules just like any other hotels but they are not that strict though.  The shower room is not good though, it's very very small and not maintained well although the staff told us that we can use the hotel's comfort room to change our clothes.


It rained for about an hour during the time that we were swimming.  Mika was pleased to swim in the pool and under the rain just like her childhood days but luckily, it wasn't too cold, if not, I could have stopped swimming right away (lol).

They have a good lounge area though beside the pool and I love their wicker inspired chairs and bed which are actually made of plastic.  No wonder, the staff didn't mind it at all when it rained. The area of the pool that we have chosen is facing the beach area, so this is an added attraction as you can have the full view of the sea.

We ordered a club house sandwhich and the plain and simple Miki Bihon Guisado plus a Mango Shake for Mika and Melon Shake for me.  The food presentation is not so pleasing to me. I have eaten in several restaurants inside hotels and this is one of the simplest presentation I've seen. The service is not that good as well.  Service staff are less attentive.

Overall, Buma Hotel and Restaurant is still worth a try if you're just looking for a simple day tour or a quick weekend get away, otherwise, you could look for more affordable and yet  attractive hotels and resorts around Subic Bay.

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