Friday, June 21, 2019

8 Secret Tips to Pick the Best RV Parks When Going Camping

RV travel is definitely not for people who love to spontaneously drive to their locations
without any research. 

This is all thanks to the size of the vehicles they drive. Many roads have weight and height restrictions which makes reaching certain locations very tricky on an RV.

Popular RV parks also get full especially during the holiday season, which may force you to look for parking spots in less desirable locations. There are also plenty of parks that have restrictions and won’t allow 40-foot RVs. Others might have poor service record or offer 30-amp hookups when you actually need 50-amp.

For all these reasons and more, it’s always advisable to do thorough research before selecting an RV park for your next vacation.

Search on Google Maps

Google Maps really is the best way to find great RV parks. Even though the platform is not
built specifically to find RV parks, it’s actually better than any platform out there.

As you probably know already, Google Maps gives you an aerial view of the park. This means you can check the width of the approach roads that connect it to the highway. You can also find nearby attractions and interest points. For example, if you are going on Oregon RV camping you can find camps located in the Willamette Valley.

Nature lovers can take advantage of the satellite images to spot nearby lakes and forested areas. People interested in
modern conveniences can check out the park’s proximity to towns and cities.

Another great advantage of Google Maps is that it gives you the ratings and customer reviews of any park you click on the map. The Google listings also have phone numbers of the parks and links to the official websites.

Find YouTube Videos of the Park

YouTube is a great resource to find traveler videos of the RV parks you are interested in. Use the YouTube filter to find newer videos to get the latest picture of how the park is doing. The YouTube comments section also allow you to interact with the uploader and other travelers who have visited the park previously.

Choose State Parks to Save Money

There are advantages and disadvantages of picking an RV park located in a State Park. The
obvious perk is that they usually have lower rates. They also offer a quieter atmosphere and a more authentic experience for people interested in hiking and camping activities.
The negatives of staying in a state park are that there are fewer dining options nearby and
most of these parks do not offer Wi-Fi.

Call Up and Enquire About Hookups

Most good parks offer electricity, water, and drainage hookups. However, it’s important that you call up to confirm. Some parks offer 30amp hookups which can be a problem if your RV needs 50amp power.

Grocery Stores and Restaurants Near the Park

If you plan on staying for more than a week, then it makes sense to find a park located near
restaurants and grocery stores. Proximity to grocery stores and diners will make your life a lot easier.

Use Google Maps to check out the nearby restaurants and stores

Keep in mind that some parks have parking limitations and they don’t allow stays for long durations. Be sure to call first if you plan on staying there for months.

Checkout the RV Park Map on the Official Website

Apart from checking the Google Maps, it important to check the map of the RV park on the official website. Some parks have numbered parking spaces and you can call them up to book specific spots.

For example, a lot of these parks have swimming pools and lakes and it makes
sense to get a spot near them.

Find Out If They Have a Laundry Facility

Laundry facilities can be a great advantage if you plan on staying for long durations. A lot of
RV parks have self-operated washer and dryer rooms and they usually don’t charge extra for
the service. Some RVs do have a washer and dryer, but they usually have limited capacity.

Therefore, if you are on the road for months and have a bunch of dirty clothes to wash, it’s
always a good idea to check if the park you are heading to offers laundry service.

Verify by Calling the Park

The last and probably the most important tip is to call up the park and verify all the facilities
and features mentioned on the official website. Sometimes some services can be temporarily
suspended due to weather or other issues and it’s always best to know ahead.


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